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GALLON, measures. A gallon is a liquid measure, containing two hundred and thirty-one cubic inches, or four quarts.

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The official said each of the two new plants at Al Taweela will produce 100 MIGD (Million Imperial Gallons per Day).
The wells are fed by one of UAE longest water pipeline networks, which runs the water from Shuweihat desalination plant at a rate of seven million imperial gallons (approximately 32,000m3) per day.
The plant is set to start operations in June 2015 to produce 36 million imperial gallons per day (MIGD), representing 10 per cent of Qatar's national water production," said a bourse filing.
The largest independent power generation and water desalination plant in Bahrain, Al Dur, produces over 1,200 MW of power and 48 million imperial gallons of water a day.
The government subsidizes gas prices and rations it to two Imperial gallons (4.
The plant, located in the Taqah area of Salalah, will have a capacity of 445 megawatts of electricity and 15 million imperial gallons per day of desalinated water to help meet the region's growing power and clean water needs.
It increases output from 30 million imperial gallons a day (MIGD) to 90 million gallons of top quality drinking water - 75 per cent of the country's current needs.
Shall we measure in Btu, kg-cal or watts, cu ft, imperial gallons, US gallons or litres?
8 gallons, where the government allows a tank capacity of 12 imperial gallons.
All functions - quantity per operation, totaliser or instantaneous flow rate - can be selected in litres, imperial gallons or US gallons.
The plant is a 756 MW (megawatt) natural gas fired power generation and 40 MIGD (million imperial gallons per day) water desalination plant located in the Ras Laffan Industrial City.
Al Tayer stated that DEWA works tirelessly to build a robust infrastructure to enhance its total production capacity, which is currently 10,200MW of electricity and 470 million imperial gallons of desalinated water per day (MIGD), to meet Dubai's current and future water demand and complement the emirate's urban expansion and socio-economic growth.