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Apart from implant rupture, intact implants can produce other mammographic manifestations.
There is room for discussion about whether osteosynthesis should be reapplied or an arthroplasty should be used for salvage procedures of nonunion-induced implant rupture.
The reported sensitivity and specificity for implant rupture range from 74 to 100% and from 55 to 84%, respectively [5, 8-11].
In the second part of the study, 344 women received MRI examinations to detect possible implant rupture.
In recent years, tens of thousands of women have claimed that they suffered a host of health problems from silicone-filled breast implants, including hardening of the breast tissue, implant rupture and disabling disorders that resemble autoimmune disorders like lupus or connective tissue disease.
Knowing prior implant history may help to avoid a false conclusion of implant rupture in the rare setting of a patient who has undergone implant revision and has residual silicone in the soft tissues from the previous silicone implants.
Capsular contraction was the most common cause for repeat procedures (23%), followed by unacceptable asymmetry (20%), displacement of the implant (16%), and suspicion of implant rupture (5%).
Mammography is of limited value in detecting implant rupture.
Although the number of sonographically detected ruptured implants is small, two distinct patterns that can be detected with ultrasound are indicative of implant rupture.
Advanced concepts taught in this course include an overview of the ACR guidelines for breast MRI, evaluation of breast cancer, implant rupture and the use of CAD.
Different research - from doctors, private clinics, from abroad - said different things; the implant rupture rate was fine, the rupture rate was too high, implants should go, implants should stay, women should consult the clinic where they had the surgery, women should speak to their own GPs.
However, the FDA recommended that women undergo regular MRI scans in the years after surgery to screen for implant rupture.