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1982), se concluye que la unica regla implementable en estrategias dominantes es dictatorial.
The NCFRP study is focused on identifying low-cost and quickly implementable approaches to address freight mobility constraints.
Self-assessment appeared to be a relatively low cost and easily implementable strategy for promoting behaviour change in a place that people with HIV regularly attend.
Special attention is paid to ensuring that the solutions are practical, detailed, and implementable.
The Preservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies Working Group, convened by OCLC and RLG, initially developed the PREMIS Data Dictionary to create a set of implementable core preservation metadata elements with broad applicability within the digital preservation community.
What the US is currently demanding is not acceptable to most WTO members - representing half of humanity in fact - and not implementable in Europe", said Mr Mandelson on 21 April in Helsinki, referring to Washington's demands for new EU concessions on agriculture.
Bioterrorism and Food Safety demonstrates ways to develop realistic and implementable food security strategies and plans, it also provides guidance on legal issues associated with product and contract liability and regulatory compliance (includes case studies addressing food safety concerns).
I require a final paper where students are asked to demonstrate how much (if any) greenhouse gas (GHG) production needs to be curtailed in order to avoid serious damage (either in a cost-benefit or Precautionary Principle framework), and then to propose a politically and economically implementable strategy that will result in the necessary reductions.
The infrastructure is implementable so that as I say by the time the technology is ready, the cost curve is ready, we are there to implement it on a large-scale basis.
City leaders are researching implementable reform that makes sense, not reform that was structured behind closed doors by policy makers with little or no business acumen, but rather reform that is completely in concert with the business community.
Our first round of efforts is to review the recent work that has been done on homeland defense and refocus some of the recommendations in ways that are implementable," Schneider told reporters during a breakfast meeting in Washington, D.