IMPLICATA, mar. law. In order to avoid the risk of making fruitless voyages, merchants have been in the habit of receiving small adventures on freight at so much per cent, to which they are entitled at all events, even if the adventure be lost. This is what the Italians call implicata. Targa, chap. 34 Emer. Mar. Loans, s. 5.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(5.) Horn (Natural History 363) states that the main function of metalinguistic negation is to object to a previous utterance on any grounds, including the conventional or conversational implicata it potentially induces, its morphology, its style or register, or its phonetic realization.
Hence we have a quite impressive list of economic terms: balance out (a compensa), business (intreprindere), competitive (concurenfial), competitive advantage (avantaj concurenfial), competitiveness (competitivitate), consumer (consumator), economic growth (crectere economica), employment (ocuparea forfei de munca), GDP-Gross Domestic Product (PIB--Produs Intern Brut), governance (conducere, administrate), market share (cota de piata), SME--Small and Medium Enterprises (IMM--Intreprinderi Mici si Mijlocii), stakeholder (parte implicata, acfionar), trade union (sindicat), training register (registru de formare profesionala), undertaking (intreprindere).
Otras especies presentan particularidades en su distribucion geografica regional: Polygyra implicata se halla principalmente en la Sierra de Tamaulipas y areas cercanas, pero se presenta tambien en zonas bajas orientales de la Sierra Madre Oriental; y Practicolella griseola cuya unica localidad conocida documentada en Tamaulipas cercana a la Sierra Madre Oriental es El Nacimiento, en el municipio de El Mante (Correa-Sandoval et al.
Sour rot of peaches caused by Monilinia implicata and Geotrichum candidum.
Homorthodes rectiflava Irapuato Smith (*) Lacinipolia implicata Irapuato McDunnough (*) Lacinipolia marinitincta Irapuato Harvey (*) Lacinipolia laudabilis Guenee Irapuato Lacinipolia olivacea Irapuato, Leon Morrison (*) Leucania extincta Guenee (*) Irapuato Leucania linita Guenee (*) Irapuato Leucania multilinea Irapuato Walker (*) Leucania scirpicola Irapuato Guenee (*) Mythimna unipuncta (Haworth) Irapuato, Leon, Apaseo el Grande, Celaya Heliothinae Helicoverpa zea Boddie Irapuato, Leon, Acambaro Heliothis australis Leon Hardwick (*) Heliothis subflexa (Guenee) Irapuato Heliothis virescens F.
In particular, in ceea ce priveste sistemul nervos central, glucocorticoizii isi exercita actiunea la nivelul hipocampului, structura intim implicata in sistemul limbic ce determina procesarea informatiilor de natura emotionala si mnezica.
(1) Cactaceae Rebutia margarethae Rausch (1) Gentianaceae Gentianella cabrerae (Fabris) Fabris (1) Iridaceae Mastigostyla brachiandra Ravenna (1) Iridaceae Mastigostyla implicata Ravenna (1) Malvaceae Nototriche sleumeri Krapov.