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(14) Theory predicts that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (if they explicity or implicity coordinate their behavior) would set prices such that, on the margin, entry would be onprofitable and hence would be deterred.
Harmonizing the different standards that govern the controlling shareholder's obligation in freeze-out mergers and freeze-out tender offers still leaves a discrepancy between the standards governing the target hoard's duties in responding to a freeze-out tender offer, which Siliconix and Aquila implicity eliminate, and the target board's duty to respond to a hostile tender offer, which the Delaware Supreme Court has taken quite seriously.
The original framework assessed capital mainly in relation to credit risk (the risk of loss due to the failure of a counterparty to meet its obligations) and addressed other risks only implicity, effectively loading all regulatory capital requirements on measures of credit risk.
The implicity priced services associated with financial products are banks' output, along with the services that carry explicit fees.
Thus, while Harris implicity recognizes the parallel distribution of /h/ and aspiration, his analysis of /h/ can be considered problematic when extended to cover aspiration.
Despairing of defining religion at all, Ferm elected to define only religious: "to be religious is to effect in some way and in some measure a vital adjustment (however tentative and incomplete) to whatever is reacted to or regarded implicity or explicity as worthy of serious and ulterior concern." (13)
Colportage III is a whimsical assemblage of variously journalistic and literary reflections; Mace implicity acknowledges the problematic and sometimes arbitrary association of the short texts that make up the volume.
This gives rise to replacement structures to ensure social cohesion: the trend towards the replacement of patriotism and nationalism by a supra-ethnic Europeanism, which distinguishes national and ethnic group identities by means of fluid categories, privileges a certain level of cohesion between groups that are neither rigidified nor codified but are implicity accepted by the society, recreating various forms of infra-state solidarity with integrational effects.
Source: Euromonitor; Global Vantage; IMS Health; OneSource; McKinsey analysis Note: Table made from bar graph EXHIBIT 2 High expectations Percent of equity value implicity in share price, March 2002 Current performance Future growth Inditex 24 76 H&M 27 73 Wal-Mart 31 69 Metro 36 64 Carrefour 39 61 Pinault-Printemps- 50 50 Redoute Source: Thomson Financial; McKinsey analysis Note: Table made from bar graph EXHIBIT 3 Retailers go global Number of new countries entered 1981-85 1986-90 1991-95 1996-2001 Ahold 1 1 3 20 Carrefour 1 2 5 14 Kingfisher 0 0 3 12 Metro 2 3 1 9 Tesco 1 -1 2 6 Wal-Mart 0 0 4 5 H&M 0 1 2 5 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Raise labour force participation Raise older workers Further pension reform to reduce participation implicity tax on working longer in the transition phase to the new system and for people over 64; phase-out seniority pensions more quickly Raise female Socialise part of child and old-age participation care, using part of pension savings, via tax credits for home care of specialised institutions (e.g., day care centres); further ease part-time work II.
As much as Emilia's song may look back to past conventions of artistic expression, it also transforms them -- hence implicity criticizing them -- through its audacious unapologetic self-absorption.
The crucial point to note is that the alternative hypothesis (i.e., rank[pi] [not equal to] 0) implicity assumes a symmetric adjustment process around [x.sub.t] = 0 in that, for any [x.sub.t], [not equal to] 0, [delta][x.sub.t+1] always equals [pi][x.sub.t].