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Inferred from circumstances; known indirectly.

In its legal application, the term implied is used in contrast with express, where the intention regarding the subject matter is explicitly and directly indicated. When something is implied, its meaning is derived from the words or actions of the individuals involved. For example, when one individual gives another a gift, the recipient's acceptance is implied if he or she performs acts indicating ownership, such as using the gifts.

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adj., adv. referring to circumstances, conduct, or statements of one or both parties which substitute for explicit language to prove authority to act, warranty, promise, trust, agreement, consent, or easement, among other things. Thus circumstances "imply" something rather than spell it out. (See: implied consent, implied warranty, consideration, contract, easement, covenant, easement)

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Anderson petitioned for review and the state Supreme Court granted the petition in order to "specifically address whether Minnesota should continue to recognize the doctrine of implied primary assumption of risk."
Implied in every contract, even construction contracts, is the implied duty of good faith and fair dealing.
For the stock to grow from no-growth value of P22.36 a share to P45 assuming a five-year time horizon, the implied compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of earnings must be 15 percent.
The statute requires the implied consent advisory only in breath test cases and a separate advisory is required in search warrant cases.
First of all, I have to point out that the distinction between the upper two levels of communication is based on a misunderstanding of the "implied author." As I argued at length elsewhere (see Shen "What"), Booth's distinction between the Implied Author and the Real Author is actually that between the (role-playing) person in the process of writing and the same person in daily life, out of the writing process.
In this context, this paper investigates the interaction effect between the selected implied volatility indices and its time-varying conditional correlations among developed and emerging economies.
In order to find the relationship between historical and implied volatility, an examination of the level and stationarity of volatility over time becomes a prerequisite.
<begin strikethrough>In the contract in this case, there is an implied promise of good faith and fair dealing.
However, the November figures take implied demand for the first 11 months of the year to about 9.76 mbpd, a gain of only 2.1 per cent over the same period in 2012.
Now, though, the wording of the law has been changed to allow for implied consent by website visitors.
In the years following Roe and ACTV, it became apparent that the interpretive disagreement surrounding the initial implications left the implied rights peculiarly vulnerable to judicial revision in the short term and that significant modification of the initial implications had occurred over time.
20, 2011, the court reversed a trial court's dismissal of negligence and implied contract claims after a data breach.