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A second imponderable, and perhaps the most important one, is that shopping--going to the mall or downtown shops or big discount stores--is a social experience for many families.
Asked whether the Government's view on a possible timetable had now changed, Mr Straw continued, ``We are seeking to predict future events in which there are many imponderables.
Bottom line, this market is not out of the woods by a long shot, and there are many imponderables out there that are cause for concern, which is invariably the case in the early stages of bull markets.
There are so many imponderables such as whether Dolores Ruth's Razldazl Will can repeat last week's flying start, or Slip The Genie recover top form after a below par effort last week, or will the devastating finishes of Tibetan Skies and Gizmo Classic prove irresistible?
Quite why we remain chained to these rains wept shores while others aren't is one of life's imponderables.
While Villa's prospects in the Premiership may hinge on such imponderables as identifying a 20-goals-a-season man among their extensive staff of strikers, the stadium itself can surely be ruled out of any architectural awards.
In truth, King's Best looks the proverbial certainty after his brilliant win in the 2,000 Guineas and last Wednesday's devastating piece of work - if he can overcome the two imponderables.
These are some of the imponderables puzzled and laughed over at 9 tonight in PBS' ``Divas,'' airing locally on KCET.
The Company made no earnings forecast for 1994, saying that energy prices and weather were both imponderables.
She is likely to run her race again but, in a race that looks really trappy, the fact remains that she is 7lb higher for a narrow success on a pretty quirky track Conclusion Enough imponderables and sufficient opposition to make her a lay at the forecast price.
This list of imponderables was culled from the wonderful worldwide web).
There are so many imponderables in moving house, especially when you are in a chain.