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IMPORTS. Importations; as no state shall lay any duties on imports or exports. Const. U. S. Art. 1, s. 10; 7 How. U. S. Rep. 477.

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The increase is due mainly to massive imports of palm oil registering a 19pc year-on-year rise to $1.
212 million imported to fulfill the domestic requirements as compared the imports of 70,048 metric tons valuing of US$ 172.
According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the food imports into the country during July-October (2017-18) were recorded at $2.
Leads toward the passing from imports to domestic goods prices and hence domestic inflation/deflation.
The statistical report also noted that the lion's share of the imports came from 10 countries that exported goods worth SR249 billion, accounting for 62 percent of all imports to the Kingdom in 2010.
In stark contrast, sheet extruders have no fear of imports at all.
Strong Demand Raising Imports of Manufactured Products
Beef imports in the six months to end-June fell 13% against last year to 120,500 tonnes.
The prevailing high domestic Indian price of rubber is another factor prompting companies to increase imports.
companies would gain little if tariffs or quotas were put in place because other countries' imports would quickly fill the void.
As a result, China's net imports of papermaking fibers should grow dramatically--more than imports of paper and board.
Year-to-date, total steel imports of 10 million net tons remain nearly seven percent higher than last year's figure, although finished steel imports are down two percent.