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The iMpower chipset solution addresses system OEMs' concerns regarding reducing product development cycles (time to market) and increasing time in market," said John G.
Impower developed an eScore program verification system for Web sites.
I've not noticed the names of Impower, Penna, G4S or Capita on my ballot paper, but as far as I can see, they're the main beneficiaries of my vote.
com) today announced the availability of IMpower Reconciliation, which is available to customers of IMpower, SunGard's Web-based, global portfolio management system (http://www.
impreMedia's multi-platform offerings range from online to video, social media, mobile, audio, newspapers and magazines, including IMPOWER, itos Digital Publisher Group.
They are iMPOWER and New Networks, which both specialise in helping public services introduce changes and save money, and lawyers Eversheds.
IMpower is SunGard's new global, real-time, browser-based portfolio management system.
Beyond the reports accessed today in Impower, Ingenious Med's flagship charge capture and practice management solution, Imagine allows analysis across more than 300 attributes, enabling organizational insight at micro and macro levels.
Ingenious Med's web based solution, Impower, is a handheld and Internet-based application that enables physicians to capture charges, enhance documentation, coding and compliance, improve quality of care, increase revenue and communicate digitally.
The protocol independent IMpower family consists of the NPE10 network processing engine, the TMC10 traffic management co-processor, the SE200 switch element, and the Development Workbench software development kit.
UCoA services more than 20,000 providers in over 30 states with its Impower suite of technology-based document management and workflow solutions.
13 micron process, which Internet Machines uses to manufacture its IMpower chips.