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[Latin, Let it be printed.] A license or allowance, granted by the constituted authorities, giving permission to print and publish a book. This allowance was formerly necessary in England before any book could lawfully be printed, and in some other countries is still required.

See: charter, leave, license, permission

IMPRIMATUR. A license or allowance to one to print.
     2. At one time, before a book could be printed in England, it was requisite that a permission should be obtained that permission was called an imprimatur. In some countries where the press is liable to censure, an imprimatur is required.

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bishops have withdrawn their 1995 imprimatur for the Psalter, or collection of Old Testament psalms, translated by the International Commission on English in the Liturgy.
People who lacked the confidence to accept the wide-ranging philosophical change this project represented needed to see the imprimatur of upper management stamped clearly upon it.
And a California Bar Association committee is scheduled this week to review its accreditation of UWLA - an imprimatur that qualifies graduating students to take the state bar exam.
Indeed, despite the expensive imprimatur, this seemed to be a Roth building on steroids: a fifty-six-story monolith with a concrete facade that loomed over the terminal like a foreboding rune stone.
It also illustrates the importance that the supposedly unilateralist Bush administration placed on getting the UN's imprimatur for war against Iraq.
Not only will our customers have the benefit of Giuliani Partners' diverse collection of talents and experience, but Giuliani Partners' recommendations will carry the imprimatur of people who have run the most complex city in the world at its most challenging time," said Mary Ann Tighe, President and CEO of GB Richard Ellis New York Tri-State Region.
College students aren't waiting for PETA's imprimatur to drink," he said.
In the 1987 AJC Derby in Sydney, Shane Dye, leading on outsider Imprimatur, veered off the fence on the home turn, hampering other horses and allowing stablemate and favourite Myocard to nip through on the rails and win.
After all, 6-year-olds are not constitutional scholars able to readily separate the imprimatur of the school from the personal views of a fellow student.
The reason these lies--and others like them--need God's imprimatur is that the propagandists, mostly wanting to manipulate the impressionable for other reasons, know they are false.
No mention was ever made of Jack Kerouac's writing in my pre-Vatican II religion classes when it was assumed that all truth was best articulated through catechisms and textbooks with imprimatur.
withdrew its best-selling catechism Christ Among Us by Anthony Wilhelm from the market in 1984 after the Vatican demanded that the imprimatur -- the church's stamp of approval -- be withdrawn.