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The criteria of effectiveness, robustness and improvability in implementation and efficiency address these problems.
In the hands of scholars and political analysts from John Stuart Mill to Marx, the model subsists on a developmental conceit about the improvability of native and colonial people, chaperoned into the future by Europeans.
THE IMPROVABILITY THESIS and The Issue Of "Natural Evil.
On the basis of these similarities, I argue that the inclusion of Phano underpins Apollodorus' rhetoric in ways that stretch well beyond his realistic calculations concerning the improvability of her status on account of her gender.
In terms of energy, the AHS hydraulic drive concept with secondary control in a constant pressure circuit, ensures substantial efficiency improvability, a fact which places the solution in front of other similar types.
His work in education relied on his unexamined commitment to the inherent worth of each individual and an optimistic faith in the improvability of human kind.
To assert the improvability of ordinary women without relying on demonstrations of women's parity with men, historical exemplars, or richly textured positive portrayals, Wollstonecraft must root her claims about women in general principles about human nature, principles familiar to readers of her Vindication of the Rights of Men and of the debates swirling around the French Revolution.
The belief in the improvability of the world: that was what we had taken from our history.
Consider: "Like the gasoline engine, our industrial-age management model is languishing out at the far end of the S-curve, and may be reaching the limits of its improvability.
Contrasting notions about learning from the past in an incremental fashion assume not a millenarian perfectibility of mankind or ending of history, but a notion of improvability.
For reform-minded eighteenth-century Enlightenment philosophes, the "New World" seemed to offer an experimental test case in speculative questions about the moral constitution of man and his/her improvability, about the effects of the natural environment, civic institutions, and education; about the role of economy in the universal 'progress' of society and the origins of inequality; or about the systemic laws of nature lying hidden beyond the visible world of natural phenomena.
Black club women "adopted 'Lifting as we Climb' as their motto, connoting a belief in the improvability of all black women; there is no natural inferiority, then, just socially produced inferiority.