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They endeavor to rebut the seemingly plausible Improvability Thesis that a better world might be obtained by fixing some of the many things that are wrong with the world as it stands.
Consider: "Like the gasoline engine, our industrial-age management model is languishing out at the far end of the S-curve, and may be reaching the limits of its improvability.
Black club women "adopted 'Lifting as we Climb' as their motto, connoting a belief in the improvability of all black women; there is no natural inferiority, then, just socially produced inferiority.
And the enlightenment highlighted other fundamental differences in political approach: logic versus faith in reasoning through dilemmas; optimism versus pessimism regarding the improvability (though not perfectability) of the human condition; and embracing versus resisting the serendipitous changes wrought by economics, technology, and science.
These are accuracy (empirical claims about practice are well founded in evidence), effectiveness (theories meet the goals and values of those who hold them), coherence (competing theories from outside perspectives are considered) and improvability (theories and solutions can be adapted to meet changing needs or incorporate new goals, values and contextual constraints).
According to Myrdal: "[W]e have in social science a greater trust in the improvability of man and society than we have ever had since the Enlightenment.
In his latest work, the long poem Novi covek (The New Man), his more endearing than convincing hope that "the New Man will create a more beautiful and more humane New World without hypocrisy, avarice, bitterness and grief" indicates that, despite his awareness of the transitoriness of everything, time has not yet managed to destroy his belief in the improvability of our flawed nature and sad condition.
No one subscribed more totally to belief in the improvability of the human mind than Jefferson.