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His April 12 performance will be entirely devoted to improvisations in diverse styles.
The main exceptions to this rule include analytical essays on Dead compositions and improvisations by musicologists and music theorists such as Michael Kaler, Graeme M.
The improvisations of which we have a written record bear the marks of orality to a greater or lesser extent: the frequent presence of marks connoting the act of speech; abundance of apostrophes, exclamations and rhetorical questions; repetition, recurrent sounds, enumeration; the use of ekphrasis as the dominant rhetorical trope.
Among their topics are improvisations between imagination and oration in the 18th century, harmonic patterns and melodic paraphrases in 18th-century Portuguese music for the five-string guitar, Clara Wieck Schumann's improvisations and her mosaics of small forms, how to face improvisatory elements in 19th-century Hungarian popular music, and 19th-century vocal improvisation and the flute-accompanied cadenza in Gaetano Donizette's Lucia di Lammermoor.
Flohr studied the improvisations of children ages four, six, and eight years old by conducting ten 15-minute sessions with each child using xylophones and one mallet.
Medicine does not tolerate improvisations, one works according to medical standards or not.
The brain scans taken during improvisations featured signals from the medial prefrontal cortex.
In the 18th century, cadenzas of the classical piano concerto were improvised, reflecting the improvisations by vocal virtuosos in the preceding centuries.
During the improvisations, dancers step on smooth river stones, small mountain rocks, and tiny seashells to sensitize their feet while a constant, churning drumbeat gradually takes over their bodies.
The performers range from a hit comedy duo to a women's theatre ensemble and on offer will be jazz score improvisations, children's shows, an interactive adults-only version of the sexy La Ronde and workshops for budding improvisational artists.
If transnational patterns of domination made the democratic institutions of the Northwest into a template for the rest, to what degree were those three and a half centuries of European contention unfolding in relation to their own template(s) and to what degree was that contentious history a series of improvisations in response to immediate challenges?
He devised collective group improvisations without depending on the customary landmarks.