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Notice of termination or non-renewal should be delivered strictly in accordance with contract requirements (e.g., if the contract requires that notice be sent be registered mail, send by registered mail).
The Australian Stock Exchange Limited (ASX) accepts foreign companies that have financial statements prepared in accordance with Australian accounting standards.
Medical records must be maintained and made accessible in accordance with state regulatory requirements and physician office policy regarding confidentiality.
The Bureau of Reclamation spent $5 million to build the Leadville Drain plant in accordance with Clean Water Act requirements.
We agree, essentially for reasons stated by Civil Court (46 Misc 3d 736 [2014]), that where a reimbursable health care service is performed outside the State of New York in a jurisdiction that has enacted a medical fee schedule prescribing the permissible charge for the service rendered, an insurer may properly rely on such fee schedule to establish the "prevailing fee" within the meaning of 11 NYCRR 68.6, and demonstrate compliance therewith by payment in accordance with that fee schedule.
For plan years beginning on or after the first day of the first plan year to which the TRA amendments apply and before the applicable regulatory effective date, plans must be operated in accordance with a reasonable, good-faith interpretation of the requirements of Sec.
Building insurance in accordance with property requirements.
He said that poverty, ignorance, unemployment and load-shedding would be eliminated from the country and Pakistan would be transformed in accordance with the vision of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal.
Neither of these uses are in accordance with the garage non-dealer policy issued by Lancer.
Speaking to the media here, the law minister added that all measures to revoke governor rule will be done in accordance with the constitution.
"A payor included in the payor categories specified in paragraph (a) or (b-1) of this subdivision shall not be provided the option of payment to a general hospital for inpatient services based on the lower of hospital charges or the case based payment per discharge determined in accordance with this section for a patient or apportioning the appropriate case based payment per discharge for a patient by excluding payment for a preexisting condition or acquired condition which has to be treated along with the reason for the admission or, except as may affect qualification for payments in accordance with paragraph (b) or (d) of subdivision four of this section, for days within the inlier stay determined to be medically unnecessary."