in custody

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After doing his 28 days, HMP Durham released him, despite the fact he was still supposed to be remanded in custody for the new offences.
The judge remanded him in custody until next week pending sentence.
They were arrested on suspicion of going equipped for a burglary and were being held in custody at Kidderminster police station.
85) The fact that DHS officials, not state and local officials, determine who should be kept in custody is unlikely to change this analysis, given that the Supreme Court in Printz noted that "[i]t matters not whether policymaking is involved, and no case-by-case weighing of the burdens or benefits is necessary; such commands are fundamentally incompatible with our constitutional system of dual sovereignty.
Both were held in custody and will attend court on Jan.
Adamovski adds that the robbers are well-aware that the owner of the house is in custody and that his wife is in Croatia.
Bawden pleaded guilty to about 30 counts in court this week and was remanded in custody for sentence on March 31.
Detectives said they had arrested and charged two teenagers with four burglaries and had three in custody last night in connections with burglaries in Ninian Road and Rumney Street.
Burns, who has remained in custody at the Worcester County Jail and House of Correction in West Boylston, is charged with 76 counts of breaking and entering in the nighttime with intent to commit a felony, 44 counts of larceny of property valued at less than $250, nine counts of maliciously damaging a motor vehicle, six counts of larceny of property valued at more than $250, three counts of tagging property and single counts of vandalizing property, entering without breaking, larceny of a motor vehicle and being a common and notorious thief.
South Wales Police say a 24-year-old man has been arrested and is in custody.
He was remanded in custody following a hearing at Reading Magistrates Court when the case was committed to Reading Crown Court for a further hearing on January 18.