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Long noted that the Department of Insurance is also continuing to audit insurance companies to be sure that they properly refunded the $100 million in excess charges under the April 1993 agreement.
Such a vehicle could reduce gasoline consumption for the average American by 50 percent to 70 percent and reduce automobile emissions well in excess of emissions that might result from the additional use of power plants.
Centre Re's decision to assume ownership of Anglo American and responsibility for its management does not imply any commitment to provide financial support for Anglo American in excess of Anglo American's own resources.
SML currently works with more than 700 employee benefit clients and over 3,000 individual life insurance clients with total coverage in excess of two billion dollars.
Fitch expects AmerUs to meet management's guidance for profitability as measured by GAAP ROE of 12%, adjusted debt-to-total capital below 25%, and NAIC risk-based capital in excess of 300% of the company action level.
Meyers, president and chief executive officer of CryoTech and Parker Marketing, stated, "We estimate that Carrier Funding's loan volume for the first 12 months of operations will be in excess of $20 million and could grow to over $90 million by the end of the second year.
7% after the completion of the note offering, this is mitigated by a strong debt service coverage in excess of 6.