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Unfortunately, educators in most urban schools do not have this kind of relationship of trust and respect with the parents in their community, and an in loco parentis narrative risks further alienating and distancing parents from the school and from their children.
In this regard, the law today is that a person who is found to be in loco parentis to a child has all of the rights as well as all of the obligations of a biological parent, so long, of course, as all is done in the best interests of the child.
Sick child leave is available for a parent (or one in loco parentis - see above discussion pertaining to Grandma's caregiver status) to care for a child under 18, or an adult child substantially limited by a physical or mental impairment.
While the 1960's were seen as a decade in which the mission of the school and the relationship between the student and the educational institution was challenged, the concept of in loco parentis remains very much alive and well in schools while in a significantly more challenging context.
In this case, however, Richard assumed an in loco parentis relationship with his granddaughter three days after her birth.
"But it would need to go way beyond how to look after a baby or discipline a toddler into areas where young people, still legally children, are challenged about their own behaviour and how it affects the way their parent, or parents, and those 'in loco parentis' respond to them."
It's still considered that teachers are in loco parentis and have a responsibility to the children in their care, but what if they do put cream on the children and there is an allergy or something happens as a result?
Answer: Not unless the grandfather is "in loco parentis" to your employee.
Media, to a certain extent, do act in loco parentis. The average American child spends some 5.5 hours a day interacting with media (including the Internet), a figure that rises to seven hours by age 18.
Teachers stand "in loco parentis," and children learn important values and morals from them.