In Perpetuity

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In Perpetuity

Of endless duration; not subject to termination.

The phrase in perpetuity is often used in the grant of an Easement to a utility company.

in perpetuity

adj. forever, as in one's right to keep the profits from the land in perpetuity.

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Pappas was based on allowing residents and nonprofit groups to use the facility in perpetuity.
While the corporate advantages of central storage were inarguable, it was important to establish the difference between the administration of "active storage" to meet day-to-day business demands and that required for the archive management of content intended for retention in perpetuity.
If the property is encumbered, no deduction is allowed unless the mortgagee agrees to subordinate his or her rights in the property to the right of the donee to enforce the conservation purposes in perpetuity.
Moreover, as with criminal trials, the American People shall receive in perpetuity 10 percent of all royalties derived from any subsequent movies, books, and paid interviews - before taxes.
Its purpose is to assure that Robert Fulton Birthplace will be retained in perpetuity as a historic site/museum and for the preservation of its historic structures and landscape and to prevent any uses that would be inconsistent with the historic values of Robert Fulton Birthplace.
Because the conservation easement is granted in perpetuity, these responsibilities also represent a significant annual expense.
Whatever the reason, there are several advantages to setting aside land in perpetuity.
The public amenities will be funded and maintained in perpetuity by the developer.