In Perpetuity

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In Perpetuity

Of endless duration; not subject to termination.

The phrase in perpetuity is often used in the grant of an Easement to a utility company.

in perpetuity

adj. forever, as in one's right to keep the profits from the land in perpetuity.

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Its purpose is to assure that Tuscarora Academy will be retained in perpetuity as a public history museum/historic site and for the preservation of its historic structures and landscape and to prevent any uses that would be inconsistent with the historic values of Tuscarora Academy.
If a sales contract for a property that is submitted to the Land Registry does not mean the buyer has become the owner in perpetuity, then we have a serious problem with our laws.
Pappas said yesterday the agreement with town officials called for waiving usage fees for nonprofit Auburn groups in perpetuity.
I know that you can't extend it in perpetuity, (but) everyone that is eligible should have access,'' he said.
We have a responsibility to ensure that they are remembered now and in perpetuity.
These local "treasures" must be recognized and preserved in perpetuity for future generations.
Under section 170(h)(4) and (5), a contribution is made exclusively for conservation purposes if it is made in perpetuity and designed to
This award will be maintained in perpetuity and updated annually.
As part of this transaction, Prescott agreed to deed a significant amount of undeveloped land on the property to Earthplace, the Westport-based nature center, to be designated as open space in perpetuity," said Daniel Steinberg, Managing Director at Prescott.
provide archival storage for retaining Web pages in perpetuity.
He is helping higher education in perpetuity thanks to a $300 million donation his heirs made to the University of Arkansas Fayetteville.
Publisher shall have the sole and exclusive right throughout the universe in all languages and in perpetuity to use and exploit all all or any part of the Properties and all or any material contained therein or prepared therefor, whether or not used therein, in any format or version, by any means and in any media, whether now known or herein after developed.