In Perpetuity

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In Perpetuity

Of endless duration; not subject to termination.

The phrase in perpetuity is often used in the grant of an Easement to a utility company.

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in perpetuity

adj. forever, as in one's right to keep the profits from the land in perpetuity.

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If the eased land is subject to a mortgage, the mortgagee must subordinate its rights to the donee organization's ability to enforce the conservation purposes in perpetuity. (11) In Mitchell v.
A charitable contribution deduction will be permitted if an open space or scenic easement is granted in perpetuity. The method in determining the value of the contribution is the before-and-after approach.
Since the Belks did not transfer an entire interest or a remainder interest, the golf course could be a qualified real property interest only if it was subject to a use restriction granted in perpetuity. The court held that this was not the case because the easement agreement allowed parts of the golf course to potentially be substituted with property not covered by the easement.
How and when would a buyer become the legal owner of a piece of real estate in perpetuity? Are we to believe that our law does not always safeguard the right to ownership of property?
The bookmakers were supported over tenure of the list positions by representatives of the Levy Board and National Joint Pitch Council, including former NJPC chief executive Clive Reams, who said: "I can definitely confirm that the bookmakers were led to believe the tenure of pitches was in perpetuity.
This past December, the School Committee voted 4-1 to waive the fees for just one year and not in perpetuity.
To ensure that the BBC retained some kind of record of published output, it was also decided that the system would store in perpetuity all metadata associated with content whether in- or out-of-scope.
He is helping higher education in perpetuity thanks to a $300 million donation his heirs made to the University of Arkansas Fayetteville.
Publisher shall have the sole and exclusive right throughout the universe in all languages and in perpetuity to use and exploit all all or any part of the Properties and all or any material contained therein or prepared therefor, whether or not used therein, in any format or version, by any means and in any media, whether now known or herein after developed.
Baker's legacy continues in the form of The Joanne Baker Prize, to be given in perpetuity at the Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition, recognizing that she is "known throughout the United States and the world as one of the most charismatic and exceptional musicians and teachers by her students and colleagues."
The income approach discounts the free cash flows of the business to present value at a discount rate that reflects the total risk of the free cash flows to the investor, and normally assumes that the business will continue in perpetuity.
Proceeds from the book will go to the Great Ormond Street children's hospital, which was granted the royalties in perpetuity on Barrie's death in 1937.