In jure

IN JURE. In law; according to law, rightfully. Bract. fol. 169, b.

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I submit that the unfinished response to the History which Defoe spoke of in 1704 did not materialize sixteen years later in his Memoirs of 1720 but, rather, appeared in a folio book of 1706: in Jure Divino, his lavishly produced epic poem in twelve books for which there is no real counterpart in his prolific canon.
36) But the satire on Clarendonian eloquence in Jure Divino is entirely unique in that it is supplemented by Defoe's subtle proferring of his own familiar brand of lucid journalistic prose as an alternative, ideal style of polemical writing.
39) From these ideas about Horatian style and its workings, Defoe conceived a satiric practice which he intended to be fully operative in Jure Divino.