In rebus

IN REBUS. In things, cases or matters.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He's been more involved in Rebus: Long Shadows, but he has shared the burden with another award-winning playwright at the top of her game, Rona Munro, who was responsible for NTS's international smash, the James Plays trilogy.
In Rebus's case this rebellious individuality is mirrored by his heterodox religious observance.
The most interesting character in Rebus's return is his protege, Detective Inspector Siobhan Clarke, a character who would better be described as beguiling than her former boss.
Throw in Rebus's problems with authority and his fondness for a drink (a nice burgundy as well as whisky, he'd like to point out) and the whole proposition teeters dangerously close to the brink of cliche.
Daniel Raeburn, Member of the Scottish Parliament, was the prime suspect in Rebus' investigation some two decades ago.
Now Ken Stott takes over as the troubled Scottish detective with a drink problem in Rebus (ITV1, Monday).
The actress, who plays sidekick Siobhan Clarke in Rebus - the detective series based on Ian Rankin's books - had slipped into her role as the straight-as-a-die copper with ease.
Jennifer Black has won a coveted role playing Ken Stott's boss in Rebus - but she reckons she's in the wrong job.
Critics who may moan that Ken is playing yet another cop will get short shrift from the notoriously gruff actor, who is quick to point out there is an element of humour in Rebus.
"I even got Harry, one of the rudest barmen in Scotland to put a flyer up in Rebus's favourite pub, the Oxford Bar.
"There's always the potential in Rebus for violence.