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The CPD component of the TEACH FOR TOMORROW activity will establish a comprehensive system, including designing professional development courses, trainings, and other tools to equip all primary education teachers, mentors/coaches, supervisors, trainers, and school leaders of public primary schools nationwide with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver the reformed curricula with high quality and efficiency, and install necessary in-service training mechanisms to maintain and sharpen that knowledge over time.
Witnessing this unorthodox approach to a common and traditional health care setting frequency (in-service training), one can believe in both formal inter-professional education and in continued education for providers.
Asia and The Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID) (1993) defined INSET as "In-service training includes all training activities which address the differentiated needs of teachers in school (including teachers without pre-service training) to improve their knowledge, skills and attitudes for better instruction".
Goubinz (2006) in his study concluded that in-service training courses led to a reduction in staff absenteeism, reducing accidents at work, improvement of the organization and increasing efficiency, deeper insights, ability and skills in the workforce and overall increased productivity [7].
Among the varieties of training, in-service training is one of most suitable and easily accessible ones that could be used to improve the human force and equip him with the needed knowledge and competences for development (Mardani, 2009, p.17).
First, you don't need an employer's agreement to start an in-service training fund.
"This in-service training is very important for every worker, not only teachers.
The Education Ministry is preparing to offer in-service training courses to 459,756 teachers who have been complaining that they don't know enough about the new education reform and that not much time is left before the start of the new school year.
I wish I had had access to this book when delivering in-service training in the 90s.
A few years back as I was attending the state conference, and talking to a past president on the concerns I have for CTE, I asked him why we didn't do more in-service training. He said; "If more people would get involved, it would be easier to facilitate more in-service training." He made reference to trying to pick up a 1,000-pound rock.
TIKA Chairman Serdar Cam briefed Bozdag about the center which will give in-service training to teachers across the country in an effort to boost the education quality in Afghanistan.
Pupils' longer school holidays and regular in-service training days for teachers have decreased teaching time.

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