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In Spence's Bar, each avatar helps its directing visitor get into character by providing vivid in-character improvisations for a core set of useful behaviors and moods.
The session will feature a live, in-character table read, a behind-the-scenes look into the current second season, a sneak peak from an upcoming episode, a Q&A, a look at the highly anticipated downloadable game, "Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon" and more.
In-character forums and in-game memories help supplement the roleplaying experience.
In-character Vlogs for "A Series of Unfortunate People" and "Road to the Altar"
The site includes: animated home pages for shows; customized video players so that users can view exclusive Web-only story extensions, interviews and show previews; message boards for fans of each show to post comments; character photo galleries that have in-character profiles written by the show; and show synopses and episode guides for fans who miss an episode of their favorite show.
IN-CHARACTER & OFF-SCRIPT: Learn more about the supporting characters from the film and watch the brilliant improvisational actors at the top of their craft.
com is both the series' show within the show and a real-life website featuring the series' stars in-character.
com boasts a dual identity: It's the series' show within the show, and it exists as a real-life website featuring the series' stars in-character.