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Today's visitor can get an insight into conditions when they walk round the replica Plimoth Plantation, complete with 17th Century homesteads and superb in-character actors and actresses who play the parts of the original settlers.
Not for her care-free paparazzi pictures dancing the night away and stumbling out of clubs: A concerted tabloid effort to dig up scandal has resulted in little more than some steamy in-character screen grabs from old acting jobs.
Revolution was brewing, a fact I'm reminded of when I tell an in-character shopkeeper that I'm visiting from London and he responds by saying he hopes I "hold no allegiance to the Crown".
Most characters, though, including Cami, and the relationships among them are not developed, leaving readers unsure if any particular action is in-character or represents change or growth.
However, the more accurate interpretation is that the licensor is saying "If our attorneys didn't do their jobs well and failed to acquire the in-character names and likenesses of the principal performers or other elements, don't blame us.
The intelligence behind Gary's mission came about after his sortie for the BBC's social media platform Short STuff at last year's T In The Park, where he held an in-character interview with The View's Kyle Falconer.
There was collective gasp when tunes from the Tony Award-winning "Wicked: The Untold Stories Of The Witches Of Oz" filled the air, and like magic carpet ride, brought everyone to the "Emerald City" with the singers' in-character performance.
With Blake and Kerry Ann becoming parents recently, don't expect any in-character antics - although comedy dancing isn't out of the question.
We shot 15 scripted pages at a motel the local is remodeling up in Truth or Consequences, and then added some in-character cast interviews, like you see in 'The Office.
In-character brand ambassadors and actors will use immersive theatre to achieve these aims, supported by clean stencils, bespoke branded newspapers and an integrated digital aspect using social media and Pic2Go technology.
The competitors were then, one by one, picked up by the in-character actor from the video in a van and taken to the location in Bristol, where they were told to gain entry noiselessly and take what they could find.
And the schoolroom's a gleeful eye-opener to the average primary schoolkid of today - all gloom, punishment, rigour and rote-learning, complete with an in-character teacher to conjure the fearful discipline of the times.