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DAVID Tennant and Matt Smith playing two incarnations of Doctor Who is a top double act, according to show boss Steven Moffat.
The producers and writers face an additional challenge, since according to Doctor Who lore, the Doctor can only regenerate 12 times, for a total of 13 incarnations.
In the final paper, Robin Le Poidevin's "Multiple incarnations and distributed persons" (228-41), the author responds to what he identifies as a "moral objection" to the uniqueness of the incarnation.
Lesson plan says that Vishnu has 10 avatars, or incarnations, savior gods who come to earth to save humanity from evil at different intervals during the cycles of existence.
Famous incarnations of extremely holy Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, all of whom are of the highest order in Buddhism today, have recognized or congratulated H.
Other religious figures may then likewise be incarnations of the Second Person of the Trinity or be inspired by the Third Person.
Tam is a young girl who bears the brunt of her stepmother and stepsister's jealously through several incarnations.
Like Malcolm X, a man he idolized, Eldridge Cleaver experienced a number of incarnations.
While intended for the San Francisco history buff, SAN FRANCISCO'S MARKET STREET RAILWAY, is sure to be relished by any urban traction fan: packed with clear vintage black and white shots of various incarnations of the Market Street Railway, chapters provide a wonderful overview of San Francisco's transit challenges over the decades.
Apple Pie: An American Story (0399152156) gathers the history and lore of American apple pie, from its English origins to its incarnations in American kitchens and restaurants.
Mythologems: incarnations Of The Invisible World by Jungian psychologist James Hollis explores the role that mythology plays in human identity and understanding, from early civilization to the modern day.
One of the richest legacies of the ancient Greek people is their mythology, which thrives in various incarnations even today.