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What we tried to do was to provide up to date and practical information about conditions and practices that apply to the incentive industry in India so that both incentive practitioners and those companies interested in using incentives are better prepared to conduct business in this rapidly growing market," said Debbie Ghillino, GIC board member and Incentive & Loyalty Strategist at UWIN IWIN Incentives.
In the next phase, ConEdison Solutions' energy experts will conduct a more detailed technical planning and financial analysis to make an accurate assessment of costs, potential savings, and total incentives.
Corporate officers may be aware of or have been instrumental in securing some of those benefits and are confident that incentives secured for one-off projects don't rise to the level of significance to warrant reporting from a financial perspective.
The act includes provisions to prohibit a medical plan from discriminating in eligibility or premiums based on health factors of individuals, but wellness incentives are allowed.
A: There are many incentives that could be created to maintain ecosystem services, but the bigger question is how we make it economically attractive for landowners to maintain the ecosystem service factory--the forests themselves.
Many members of Congress are concerned that a wide range of state tax incentives now available across the country could be threatened by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling in Cuno v.
Our original plan called for incentives to be given once a year; but early in the first year our chair realized that a year is too long to wait for incentives and he gave additional incentive payments four months into the fiscal year.
Schwarzenegger can get some incentives back in place to help us hold on to this,'' Kyser said.
Businesses that seek incentives must be prepared to meet project investment and job creation goals and to complete the project timely.
Asst Incentive Sales Mgr: Tom Carnes (tomc@omahasteaks.
Silicon Valley titans who warned that the sky would fall if equity incentives were charged to earnings have now been proven wrong.