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INCH. From the Latin uncia. A measure of length, containing one-twelfth part of a foot.

References in classic literature ?
What could a cow, an inch high, do with grass that waved far above its head?
Do you mean to say," said Lady Muriel, "that these manikins of an inch high are to argue with me?
After a reflective pause, Harris added, "A little less than an inch a day; a little less than an INCH, mind you.
The whale line is only two thirds of an inch in thickness.
Judging from the uncompressed fragments, the measure or bore of the lightning (if such a term may be used) must have been about one inch and a quarter.
Through the wreck of battle the division moved, inch by inch, in the direction of the enemy, who had withdrawn a little to reform his lines.
Measure 1 inch from the point, and stitch across the seam.
3Gbit per square inch up from just over 2OGbit per square inch this time last year.