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INCH. From the Latin uncia. A measure of length, containing one-twelfth part of a foot.

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Remaining for a time motionless, it would then stealthily advance an inch or two, like a cat after a mouse; sometimes changing its colour: it thus proceeded, till having gained a deeper part, it darted away, leaving a dusky train of ink to hide the hole into which it had crawled.
This, when examined with a lens, is found to consist of numerous exceedingly thin layers, its total thickness being about the tenth of an inch.
They are exceedingly minute, and quite invisible to the naked eye, only covering a space equal to the square of the thousandth of an inch.
The colour was caused by little gelatinous balls, about the fifth of an inch in diameter, in which numerous minute spherical ovules were imbedded: they were of two distinct kinds, one being of a reddish colour and of a different shape from the other.
Measure 1 inch from the point, and stitch across the seam.
3Gbit per square inch up from just over 2OGbit per square inch this time last year.
18 of an inch fell, bringing the total Palmdale rainfall from the latest storm to 0.
There was a lot of industry consolidation--at this time, what's left of the quarter inch industry is two or three companies with full size data cartridges, primarily Tandberg, and a number of companies with mini-cartridges: HP, Seagate, Tecmar, and one or two others.
The center points of the holes should be 7/8 inch from the bottom of each side piece.
85 of an inch between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning in Palmdale, including 0.
Tenders are invited for Supply of (1) Set of Special Purpose torx drive system 3/8 inch female socket square drive, 6 lobe- stars polished chrome finished and overall standard length of sizes e8 ( 1/4 inch), e10 ( 5/16 inch), e12(3/8 inch), e14(7/16 inch) each set consisting of sizes e8 - 02 nos, e10 - 01 no, e12 - 01 no.
Forecasters said there will be an inch to 2 1/2 inches or rain in the mountains and only one-half inch to an inch of rain along the coast and in the valleys, possibly less in the Antelope Valley - and far less than the torrents that came in the Jan.