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Patients, as well as practitioners, have been pleased that initial aspiration and incision and drainage are not necessary--particularly younger children and teenagers, who are especially fearful of needles around the facial area.
A prospective study of aspiration vs incision and drainage.
Quinsy tonsillectomy was once the preferred procedure because of the widespread belief that it was associated with the quickest recovery, but subsequent studies (2,8,9) suggested that antibiotic therapy with either incision and drainage or needle aspiration was just as effective as quinsy tonsillectomy plus antibiotic therapy.
This complication rate suggests that patients with peritonsillar abscess should undergo immediate incision and drainage rather than needle aspiration.
Treatment options for nasolabial cysts include needle aspiration, injection of sclerosing agents, cautery destruction, and incision and drainage.
Likewise, an acute onset that necessitates incision and drainage is also very uncommon.
The 14th-century French surgeon Guy de Chauliac is often cited as the first to describe its treatment by incision and drainage.
The patient was taken emergently to the operating room for airway protection and incision and drainage.