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According to one ancient chronicler, he was so fond of one of his stallions, Incitatus, that he bestowed myriad riches on the steed, including a marble stall, ivory manger, jewelled collar and even a house.
7 CRAZED Roman emperor Caligula loved his favourite steed Incitatus so much it is said he built him a marble stable with an ivory manger.
"What in the world has happened to this country?" asked one Swiss paper, while a German radio station called Brexit the "biggest political nonsense since the Roman emperor Caligula decided to appoint his horse Incitatus as consul".
Legend has it that he planned to make his horse Incitatus a consul.
One of Caligula's last allies was his beloved racehorse, Incitatus, who wore a collar of precious stones and lived in a marble stall.
I'm sure the Emperor Caligula's cohorts enthusiastically cheered him on when he lavished honors and luxuries on Incitatus, to whom he gave marble quarters, a jeweled collar and even a house.
El nombramiento de Cremoux en el 22 es, guardadas las proporciones, como el de Incitatus, el caballo pura sangre que Caligula designo consul de Roma.
Boherna Bridge beat fellow Leger contender Incitatus by nearly three lengths in 29.08sec over the 480m course.
8.04 (895m): Crooks Mercedes, Swift Leah, Aayamzabella, Incitatus, Storming Coco (M), Peggys Gift (W).
Caligula, who reigned from 37 to 41AD, has gone down in history as a crazed and power-hungry sex maniac who demanded that his horse, Incitatus, be made a consul.