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INCONCLUSIVE. What does not put an end to a thing. Inconclusive presumptions are those which may be overcome by opposing proof; for example, the law presumes that he who possesses personal property is the owner of it, but evidence is allowed to contradict this presumption, and show who is the true owner. 3 Bouv. Inst. in. 3063.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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If immunoglobulin (Ig) M test results are positive, equivocal, or inconclusive, performing a plaque reduction neutralization test (PRNT) is needed to confirm the diagnosis.
Currently there is only one ICD-9-CM code that describes uncertain fetal viability: V23.87 (Pregnancy with inconclusive fetal viability).
BEIRUT: Future bloc MP Ahmad Fatfat Wednesday warned that the Army's crackdown on Islamist militants in Tripoli may be inconclusive and fighting could erupt again in the absence of an attempt to resolve the root causes of the violence.
Briefing the Thursday meeting of Senate standing committee for Railways, chaired by Mir Muhammad Ali Rind, he said that the $ 1.5 billion KCR project being undertaken on loan basis, yet inconclusive, would be hopefully finalized by May 2014.
At the opening of her inquest in Gravesend, Detective Chief Inspector Paul Fotheringham, of the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, said a post-mortem examination was inconclusive, prompting further tests.
A senior official who was part of the talks said that the meeting remained inconclusive as Azad Kashmir authorities demanded immediate release of the driver.
However, the results of the post-mortem examination came back "inconclusive", according to West Midlands Police, who said further tests will now need to be carried out.
After an inconclusive first vote on Tuesday night, the 115 cardinal electors should hold another two ballots later on Wednesday to choose a new leader for the crisis-hit Roman Catholic Church.
The WHO said the kits did not return false results but were plagued by inconclusive readings.
The Blues flanker has revealed initial scans proved inconclusive, and that his inability to remember how he sustained the damage has not helped the medical people diagnose the problem.
North west Wales coroner Dewi Pritchard Jones said post mortems into the deaths were inconclusive but the pathologist suspects the drugs consumed by the deceased contained "poisonous substances".