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n. the act of incorporating an organization. (See: corporation, incorporate)

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the process of forming an association that has corporate personality. See CORPORATION.
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INCORPORATION. This term is frequently confounded, particularly in the old books, with corporation. The distinction between them is this, that by incorporation is understood the act by which a corporation is created; by corporation is meant the body thus created. Vide Corporation.

INCORPORATION, civil law. The union of one domain to another.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Local rum producer and marketer Angostura finalized the US$121.8 million sale of its interest in Cruzan International to V&S Van and Spirit, a Swedish incorporated company and producer of the world famous Absolute Vodka brand, reports Trinidad News (Sept.
He is one of the founding fathers of the Ambassadors Northwest, an incorporated company consisting of key people aiming to attract business development to the city.
Flavia, a registered trademark of" Masterfoods USA, a Mars Incorporated company, also offers office workers the ability to make leaf teas and hot chocolate with the same machine.
Rthm is a privately held, federally incorporated company developing a mobile app for iOS and Android aimed at helping users achieve health and fitness goals by creating personalised plans based off the user's biological data.
Ltd- Ceylan Construction and Trade Incorporated Company Joint Venture Group.
River UK Casino is a newly incorporated company, established by River iGaming plc to acquire certain of the company's UK online casino B2C brands, being Pocket Fruity, Spin Genie, Britain's Got Talent Games, X Factor Games and associated business.
incorporated company specializing in supplying pharmaceutical products to international markets, broke ground on the future Good Manufacturing Practices facility in October 2017.
The European aircraft manufacturing consortium also confirmed that it would be forming an incorporated company to be named Airbus Integrated Co in a move that the founders of Airbus hope will improve the manufacturer's ability to compete with Boeing Co, the US aircraft manufacturer.
Upon closing, the acquired assets of VEI will be injected into a newly incorporated company, named Viridity Energy Solutions Inc, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ormat.
UK-based online gambling company Sportech plc (LSE: SPO) and UK-based private equity firm OpCapita LLP have closed a deal under which FP Acquisitions Ltd., a newly incorporated company controlled by funds advised by OpCapita, acquired Sportech's Football Pools Business for a total cash consideration of GBP 83m (USD 105.65m), the companies said.

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