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Additional or increased growth, bulk, quantity, number, or value; enlarged.

Incremental cost is additional or increased cost of an item or service apart from its actual cost. When applied to the price of gas, the incremental cost includes the actual cost of gas to the distributors plus the expenses incurred in its transportation as well as any taxes imposed upon it.

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The report ranked states and union territories on their year-on-year incremental change in health outcomes as well as their overall performance.
Incremental lending has grown so much in part because investors agreed to allow it in the first place.
PAH: pulmonary arterial hypertension PVR: pulmonary vascular resistance FC: functional class ERAs: endothelin receptor antagonists PDE-5Is: phosphodiesterasetype-5 inhibitors sGC: soluble guanylate cyclase PRISMA: Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses CHEERS: Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards PPP: purchasing power parities CCEMG: Campbell and Cochrane Economics Methods Group EPPI- Evidence for Policy and Practice Information Centre: and Coordinating Centre ICERs: incremental cost-effectiveness ratios CADTH: Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health QALYs: quality-adjusted life-years ICER: incremental cost-effectiveness ratio LY: life-year GDP: gross domestic product BMI: body mass index
on Monday and then took an incremental image copy at the same time the following three mornings.
As a result, the probable relationship between the different protocols could justify the inclusion of the incremental protocol performed in LP 45[degrees] as a reliable tool to evaluate ST responses in long distance runners.
First, some vital concepts (such as incremental clustering and evolving granularity) are formally defined.
* The new IXARC hybrid incremental + absolute encoders are available with multiple options for housing size and materials, flange configuration, shaft type and diameter, connection/wiring type and level of environmental protection --up to IP67.
Net sales in Asia increased 10.5%, driven by a strong healthcare market as well as incremental volume from the company's new hygiene manufacturing line.
So SVM is suitable for incremental learning during which support vector sets of history samples are reserved and to identify the relevant information in the history data.
Last month, Canada's Fraser Institute, a conservative public policy think tank, issued a report examining the benefits of incremental pharma innovations to the patient, also drawing from examples of technology advances in other industries, including cameras and jets, that stemmed from incremental innovation.
Whether negotiated or set by corporate rule, the transfer price is set above a seller's incremental cost.

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