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Additional or increased growth, bulk, quantity, number, or value; enlarged.

Incremental cost is additional or increased cost of an item or service apart from its actual cost. When applied to the price of gas, the incremental cost includes the actual cost of gas to the distributors plus the expenses incurred in its transportation as well as any taxes imposed upon it.

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For further information about IncreMental Advantage reports, visit http://www.
As a result, calculating the baseline and incremental levels is critical to comprehensive category planning and promotion evaluation.
You have a certain amount of intelligence and you can't really do much to change it"); confirmation and validation studies suggest that disagreement with these items reflects agreement with incremental theory.
And even Gail Shearer, the health policy director at Consumers Union, who recently put out a paper that stressed incremental health care reforms, admits it was written that way out of "political reality" and that "it's certainly not what we want.
The earnings per incremental share is the aftertax foregone interest expense divided by the number of shares of common stock that would have been issued from the conversion weighted for the period they would have been outstanding.
Despite the significant number of requests for the expressed interests of some Board members in pursuing an incremental approach, the Board has been unable thus far to reach any agreement on the presumptive criteria that would have to be developed in order to formulate an incremental model.
CHICAGO -- Hub International Limited ("HUB") today announced that it funded a $215 million incremental senior secured term loan due June 2017.
When needed, users restore their system to a selected, saved incremental backup point that is more recent than any external backup, and which recovers everything on the system.
However, a taxpayer in these circumstances must cautioned that the incremental increase in the applicable exclusion amount may not be fully available.
16, the types of costs that may be capitalized under paragraph 76 are "direct costs" and "out-of-pocket or incremental costs" rather than recurring internal costs, which may be directly related to an acquisition.
The three-judge federal panel last week said that the FERC left unanswered a number of key questions when it decided in 1991 to impose incremental rates on certain customers of the Great Lakes Gas Transmission Limited Partnership to pay for a $190 million expansion of the Great Lakes pipeline that serves MCV and other customers throughout Canada and the northern part of the U.

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