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An individual who is in current possession of a particular office and who is legally authorized to discharge the duties of that office.


noun bureaucrat, commissioner, functionary, holder of an office, job holder, minister, occupant of an office, officebearer, officeholder, officer, official, person in authority
Associated concepts: de facto incumbent, incumbent officer
See also: binding, forcible, necessary

INCUMBENT, eccles. law. A clerk resident on his benefice with cure; he is so called because he does, or ought to, bend the whole of his studies to his duties. In common parlance, it signifies one who is in the possession of an office, as, the present incumbent.

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Fourth Circuit Public Defender, where incumbent Matt Shirk faces William Charles "Chuck" Fletcher.
In the Palmdale School District, incumbents again were ahead.
That isn't bad, though it is noticeably below what the last two incumbents who won reelection had at this point in the election cycle: Reagan's approval was 54 percent and Clintons was 56 percent.
Position 5: incumbent Maureen Weathers (two-year unexpired term)
Nearly 81 percent of the 146 candidates who faced incumbents in mostly black and Latino wards faced objections, compared with 44 percent in predominantly white wards.
Relevant to this article is whether new entry by an airline is viewed by existing competitors as a "credible" strategy and whether incumbents and new entrants are likely to arrive at lower price competitive equilibria or higher price collusive equilibria.
An updated version of Abramowitz's measure of the Ideological Distance between the voting record of incumbents and the ideological leanings of their state is also included in the model.
The simple truth is that campaign contributors respond to high incumbent reelection rates more than cause them.
If all incumbents were at the same point on the spectrum as the median voter of their districts, all incumbents would win reelection.
All three fixed-line incumbents share TeliaSonera as either a majority or significant shareholder, with Latvia the only country where it does not hold majority ownership.
Board of Health Co three-year term; incumbent Gary Menin and newcomer Sue Valentine took out papers.
LANCASTER -- No elections will be held in November for four Antelope Valley school board seats because either the incumbents are running unopposed or the number of candidates seeking office is the same as the number of vacancies.