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INDEBTEDNESS. The state, of being in debt, without regard to the ability or inability of the party to pay the same. See 1 Story, Eq. 343; 2 Hill. Ab. 421.
     2. But in order to create an indebtedness, there must be an actual liability at the time, either to pay then or at a future time. If, for example, a person were to enter and become surety for another, who enters into a rule of reference, he does not thereby become a debtor to the opposite party until the rendition of the judgment on the award. 1 Mass. 134. See Creditor; Debt; Debtor.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The deceleration of all economic agents' domestic indebtedness in 2018 (7.7% against 13.1% in 2017), results from the combined effect of the slower financing granted by the financial system (8.2% vs.
Only 5 percent of mortgage loans can exceed this value, the TASR newswire reported.NBS measures change behaviour of SlovaksIn 2017, banks in Slovakia approved so many loans that their total number equaled 38 percent of the GDP, which also implied a high indebtedness of Slovaks.
In China, the sayings "The favor of a drop of water will be rewarded with the gratitude of a fountain of water" and "Give a plum in return for a peach" not only reflect the value placed on gratitude but also imply a sense of indebtedness to the benefactor.
This is, as far as Islamic rules are concerned, the meaning of human existence in their relationship to their indebtedness to Allah the Creator.
Due to the growing internationalization movement, studies such as by Shapiro (1978), Lee and Kwok (1988) and Burgmann (1996) investigated multinationals from a financial point of view, focusing on indebtedness, reporting that these companies develop their activities in a reality different from that of domestic firms.
The company intends to satisfy the indebtedness with common shares in order to preserve its cash for use on its extraction technology in Asphalt Ridge, Utah, and for working capital.
Student-loan indebtedness was ranked based on a state's average student debt, proportion of students with debt, student debt as a percentage of income, percentage of student loans in past-due or default status, and percentage of student-loan borrowers age 50 and older.
The decline was mainly due to a decrease in the outstanding amount of Certificates of Indebtedness.
Companies can conduct securitisation operations for indebtedness through the issuance of securitisation bonds, by which they can obtain financing for their products.
Equinix intends to use the net proceeds of the offering, together with the net proceeds of the offering of USD750.0 million of its common stock, the net proceeds of a proposed senior secured term loan that it intends to seek in an aggregate principal amount of up to approximately USD700 million and cash on hand, for merger and acquisition activities and repayment of indebtedness for the entire issued and to be issued share capital of Telecity Group plc and repayment of existing TelecityGroup indebtedness in connection therewith and for general corporate purposes.
The company used the proceeds of the transactions to repay certain outstanding indebtedness, including all of its indebtedness outstanding under the company's senior term loan agreement.