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He told the court she was carrying out indecent acts as she walked around a garden and was seen looking through a bedroom window.
However, defence lawyer Fatima Al Hawaj argued in court that the victims had filed a false complaint because her client caught them performing "an indecent act" in the institute's bathroom.
According to the public prosecution records, the driver repeated his indecent acts with the boy and girl several times while they were away from their father at the shop in a shopping centre.
SIHA said the woman's conviction of indecent acts sends a message that sexual violence is in part the fault of the victim.
At one point he led her to a corner in the store and performed indecent acts on her despite her pleas.
Col Bin Ghulaita said police logged three separate additional reports about a man in Jebel Ali Area who was following women in the lifts of their buildings and committed an indecent acts in front of them.
The child's father lodged a complaint to police after his wife said she discovered the maid's indecent acts recorded on CCTV cameras in their house.
He also vowed to continue the crackdown down on those who provide the accommodation and employment for violators and exploit them in indecent acts punishable by the law.
He said in some ways the boy's offences were worse because he created the indecent acts and directly caused harm to the victims by way of degradation and humiliation, which could have long-term effects on the victims.
Dancler was sacked for "misconduct on the job and engaging in indecent acts that reflected poorly on the city workforce", reports the Daily Mail.
Deputy mayor Brigitte Gruel is also said to have taken part in indecent acts and demanded sexual favours from the women.