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Preparing and training kids to work is a critical component of independent living programs. Although some foster youths will be prepared for college or vocational education, most will not.
It must be noted that this individual is now in a supported independent living program, maintaining his own apartment, preparing meals, and performing household chores.
Abstract: This article discusses the challenging process of developing a common data set for independent living programs serving older adults who are visually impaired.
Lourdes has also moved on from the Gladstone Center and currently resides in the Independent Living Program, which functions as a stepping stone to self-sufficiency.
Recommendations for expanding employability services provided by independent living programs. Journal of Rehabilitation 4, 20-25.
In fact, I can recall some lively discussions on these very issues in 1982 at the founding meeting of the National Council on Independent Living (or NCIL, then called the National Coalition for Independent Living Programs) in Kansas City, Missouri.
Functional outcomes and consumer satisfaction in the older blind independent living program. Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness, 100, 285-294.
One of the most notable additions to the rehabilitation system is the implementation of independent living programs (ILPs).
With regard to funding, the independent living program represented a departure from approaches that had been used previously to promote community integration of people with disabilities.
Special programs and classes: Culinary arts, electronics manufacturing and health occupations training programs; a teen parent program; an independent living program for youth in foster care; job training and placement, including hands-on vocational training; full- and part-day placement options; mental health and drug and alcohol counseling; special education services; and Lane-Metro Youth Corps, a full-day program where kids spend half their time in the classroom and the remainder working on natural resource projects.
The experience of Michigan's Independent Living Program illustrates how the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1992 provided both the opportunity and the need to develop and expand collaboration among state rehabilitation agencies and other community partners.
They currently operate two group homes, one group living home, a supported independent living program and a day program.

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