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Although some state and local independent living programs for older individuals who are visually impaired have developed tools for assessing outcomes for clients and programs, and various researchers have developed and attempted to validate research instruments, there has been little success in either constituency in developing a valid and practical nationally standardized data format for collecting and reporting outcomes.
Functional outcomes and consumer satisfaction in the older blind independent living program.
In addition to the shift away from programmatic control by rehabilitation professionals, the independent living program was different from traditional rehabilitation service programs in the manner in which services were to be financed.
When Fred Thompson's mother, Pam, told him about the Transition to Independent Living program at Taft College, he felt indecisive.
In conjunction with a research and demonstration project designed in part to support independent living programs (ILPs) in their efforts to increase activities addressing employability development and employment of their clientele, a national survey to ascertain the extent to which ILPs currently provide employment services was conducted.
Given the large numbers of elderly blind people, it is essential that efforts be made to expand the independent living program for this population throughout the country.
The following instruments were administered to all subjects: the Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI); the Restrictiveness of Living Arrangements scale; the Attitudes Toward Persons with Disability (ATDP); the Independent Living Program Questionnaire (ILPQ); and the Program Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ).
Frank Sullo, the coordinator of Arc's Training for Independent Living program and the choir director, said the singers already have performed for the Oxnard and Ventura Chambers of Commerce.
Its core values of self-reliance and equal access for people with disabilities were the foundation of the Congressionally-authorized independent living program and the driving force behind the services provided by community-based CIL's across the country.
This can be an especially helpful reference to professionals in the field who may be planning an Independent living Program.
The comprehensive independent living program provides the person served who is preparing to leave the program with the skills and abilities to become self-sufficient.
The independent living program is designed to teach life skills and prepare foster kids for when they turn 18 and are sent out on their own.

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