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As in the independent living program, youths in the transitional living program are encouraged to obtain jobs and receive staff support in doing so.
It must be noted that this individual is now in a supported independent living program, maintaining his own apartment, preparing meals, and performing household chores.
Although some private rehabilitation programs are using NSMD, to our knowledge, at the time of writing, only one statewide independent living program was using NSMD.
In 2001, the Independent Living Program also purchased $500,000 worth of Office Depot gift certificates for school supplies, but as of August 2002, had not distributed any of them.
Lourdes has also moved on from the Gladstone Center and currently resides in the Independent Living Program, which functions as a stepping stone to self-sufficiency.
The Department of Human Services purchased the curriculum in 1992 and trained staff from seven county children's services agencies to teach the program to participants in the state's Independent Living program.
One of the most notable additions to the rehabilitation system is the implementation of independent living programs (ILPs).
Because the federal law set no standards and gave no specific criteria for who was eligible to receive a Title VII grant, the national independent living program got off to a muddled start.
The Older Blind Independent Living program has been shown to improve consumers' ability to move confidently around their homes, prepare meals for themselves, manage housekeeping tasks, and engage in other activities that are consistent with the general goal of long-term care--to help elderly people maintain an independent lifestyle (Moore, 2003; Moore, Steinman, Giesen, & Frank, 2006).
In 1981, the center received federal support to create an independent living program for people who had previously been hospitalized, Brown said.
He served as coordinator of the Independent Living Program.

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