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The GSEs play an important role in the success of America's housing finance system, and the establishment of a strong and independent regulator, with enhanced abilities to oversee both safety and soundness and compliance with GSE charter purposes, is critical to the continuation of a strong housing finance system," said Robbins.
The NFUS, a separate group from the main NFU, called on the OFF and UK government to establish an independent regulator to ensure fair trade between the major supermarkets and their suppliers.
Nevertheless, the state-owned domestic fixed-line and domestic and international long-distance carriers have managed to maintain their dominance of the sector, partly due to their entrenched position, partly because they have been able to draw on vast amounts of finance, but mostly due to the complex regulatory regime and the ineffectiveness of the supposedly independent regulator to get tough with the incumbents.
He said the Government must establish a body of independent inspectors to protect whistleblowers and patients and force all NHS managers to register with an independent regulator.
The Charity Commission, the independent regulator of charities in England and Wales, has launched a digital service that allows a charity s accountant or other nominated agent to submit accounts on behalf of their client charity.
The Department will become an independent regulator at the Kyrgyz government with the status of State Agency, reports the government's press service.
Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust announced yesterday it had been given the final approval from the government and Monitor - the independent regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts - to come out of the contract which funded the building of Hexham General Hospital 10 years ago.
SIR - Regarding Abbie Wightwick's column ("The least we can do is arm our children with a decent education", March 12), I'm happy that she agrees with the Party of Wales in calling for an independent regulator to oversee the Welsh exam system.
The commission, which is the independent regulator for charities in England and Wales, has made the plea to mark the fourth annual National Trustees' Week and also wants local charities to offer training and support to their boards.
Plaid Cymru is calling for the creation of Examinations Wales as an independent regulator as soon as possible to secure confidence in the system and ensure standards do not fall.
Independent regulator the Care Quality Commission said Victoria House, in Church Street, Wallasey, was failing to protect the safety and welfare of residents.
If that gets the go ahead the independent regulator monitor will carry out its own inspection in the autumn.

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