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The fact of the matter is that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation is not an independent regulator.
The GSEs play an important role in the success of America's housing finance system, and the establishment of a strong and independent regulator, with enhanced abilities to oversee both safety and soundness and compliance with GSE charter purposes, is critical to the continuation of a strong housing finance system," said Robbins.
7-1880MHz bands, by OFCOM, the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries.
A report by independent regulator Ofgem concluded that energy bills for domestic customers in Britain are still around pounds 150 cheaper in real terms than before privatisation of the energy market.
The independent regulator is consulting to enable ICSTIS to take action against ANY rogue dialler irrespective of the phone number or call charge used," he told MPs.
The NASD, an independent regulator of Wall Street firms, said it fined JPMorgan Chase & Co.
IATA has called on governments to cut taxes on airlines, push deregulation, and appoint an independent regulator to ensure that airport service companies increase efficiency.
Boyle will be consolidating the council's remit to establish a unified independent regulator that covers financial reporting, auditing, corporate governance and standards across the accountancy profession.
That is why I shall be announcing in the White Paper that the Government will rapidly establish an independent regulator to ensure that a university will not be able to raise fees until they have satisfied the regulations we will introduce.
Nevertheless, the state-owned domestic fixed-line and domestic and international long-distance carriers have managed to maintain their dominance of the sector, partly due to their entrenched position, partly because they have been able to draw on vast amounts of finance, but mostly due to the complex regulatory regime and the ineffectiveness of the supposedly independent regulator to get tough with the incumbents.
GCSEs will stay but are likely to change under curriculum reforms in Wales, the independent regulator of non-degree qualifications in Wales believes.
Grace Poe, who is heading the committee on public services, the DOTr said the LRTA would 'evolve from being an operator-regulator to an independent regulator with powers to set and enforce fares, safety standards and service levels.

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