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SIT is one of the leading independent contract research companies in Germany providing applied dermatological research and studies for the cosmetics and personal care industries.
SRM (Strategic Resource Management), an independent contract advisory firm for financial institutions, has shared its predictions concerning how trends in vendor contract negotiations will impact banks and credit unions in 2018, the company said.
Barossa is a specialist and independent contract wine bottling and packaging facility serving artisan wineries in South Australia.
Magna Steyr, an independent contract manufacturer, has started producing the new all-electric Jaguar I-Pace.
THE North East's largest independent contract cleaning and facilities management firm has won PS2.
Under the new law, entities involved in the residential collateral valuation process must register with the North Dakota Real Estate Appraiser Qualifications and Ethics Board if they oversee a panel of more than 15 independent contract appraisers in North Dakota or 25 or more nationally.
Freedom Meditech's FDA submission for the ClearPath DS-120 included performance results from a clinical trial that was approved for conduct by an independent institutional review board and was run by an independent contract research organisation.
The availability of data is a significant hurdle encountered in researching independent contract work among the low-skilled.
Independent contract caterer Restaurants at Work has secured a two-year deal with the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.
Rob Grace, relationship manager for NatWest , said: "In recent years Thomas Hardy has made a significant investment in its plant and facilities, which has helped establish the company as one of the country's leading independent contract brewers.
About 430 independent contract growers who supply birds to these three plants also will be affected.
As of April 1, 2008, Sonterra began overseeing daily operations for the operated and non-operated properties of the company as an independent contract operator.

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