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15) The Estonian partitive occurs in definite as well as indefinite examples, as Quantitatively Determined NPs or as Quantitatively Indetermined NPs
James Royce (1988), discussing the misuse of the word will by many early psychologists, suggested eliminating the word from philosophical vocabularies in order to eliminate what he considered the absurd idea that free choice is an uncaused, indetermined, unmotivated act contrary to all the laws of science and common sense--that is, "some kind of supernatural, mysterious entity which like the deus ex machina of the old melodrama comes down out of nowhere in violation of all the laws of plausibility" (p.
indetermined oligochaetes and polychaetes of the families Sabellidae and Capitellidae contributed most to the dissimilarities between the mudflat and mangrove sites.
The heterodox economists who champion the evolutionary approach base their claim on the idea that the future is indetermined and, hence, action can never entail pre-given equilibrium states.