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A book containing references, alphabetically arranged, to the contents of a series or collection of documents or volumes; or a section (normally at the end) of a single volume or set of volumes containing such references to its contents.

Statistical indexes are also used to track or measure changes in the economy (for example, the Consumer Price Index) and movement in stock markets (for example, Standard & Poor's Index). Such indexes are usually keyed to a base year, month, or other period of comparison.

In mortgage financing, the term is used to determine adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) interest rates after the discount period ends. Common indexes for ARMs are one-year Treasury Securities and the national average cost of funds to savings and loan associations.

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While both the Board of Governors and Dallas Fed Dollar Indexes fulfill important uses, each has limitations that the new Atlanta Fed Dollar Index seeks to address.
Among sectoral indices, the financial sector index witnessed the entry of Muscat Finance Company while Oman and Emirates Investment Holding Company was removed from the index.
Makati's groceries index ended up with 57.86 points.
But over the last four years, another very popular choice has arisen: the volatility-controlled index.
Russell indexes are widely used by investment managers and institutional investors for index funds and as benchmarks for active investment strategies.
One of the well-known indexing methods named h-index [6] was proposed in 2005 that is a single valued index, used for evaluating the scientific performance of researchers.
The BPI Index series covers six government bond indices, a corporate bond index and a total return index.
S&P Pan Arab Composite Shariah Dividend Index is designed to measure the performance of the highest dividend yielding stocks within the S&P Pan Arab Composite Shari'ah that meet the respective liquidity, dividend growth, and dividend sustainability criteria.
The Russell Indexes are a family of global equity indices that allow investors to track the performance of distinct market segments worldwide.
The third and fourth top-performing Russell Indexes in 2012 where the Russell Eurozone Index and the Russell Emerging Markets Index, which rose 19 percent and 17.3 percent, respectively.
Seasonal adjustment of the WEP services indexes allowed PPI to begin seasonal adjustment of indexes from its new Experimental Aggregation system.