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We made card versions of all sorts of metal, plastic and wooden devices, and soon had a burgeoning roster of index card investigations grouped in categories including sound, optical illusions, color, flight and measuring devices.
6> with the index card firmly pressed against the fresh water jar's rim, turn the jar directly on top of the salt water jar, with the index card in between.
You need: clay, pencil with flat eraser, index card, scissors, 2 pennies, tape, glue
Tenders Are Invited For Paper And White Index Card Cover
After students have read the assigned articles, have each of them write one quiz-type question about the stories on an index card.
Include an index card on the inside of the package with the address of the recipient to ensure delivery if the original label is damaged.
7 In the center of an index card, draw a circle with a diameter (distance across) that is one half that of the balloon's nozzle.
Inside, the Advance line functions like no other notebook and features new solutions to manage index cards with index card storage pockets, perforated index card sheets and plastic pocket dividers.
Begin adding cards to your story board by listing each task you must complete on a separate three-by-five-inch index card.
These two students will tape an index card onto their shirts as identification.