Index to Legal Periodicals

Index to Legal Periodicals

The set of volumes that lists what has appeared in print from 1926 to the present in the major law reviews and law-oriented magazines in various countries—usually organized according to author, title, and subject, and containing a table of cases.

The Index to Legal Periodicals, published by the H. W. Wilson Company of New York, aids individuals who are conducting legal research by enabling them to search the contents of past and currently published periodicals, thereby providing access to secondary source materials. The index is bound every three years, with annual supplements and Advance Sheets for every month except September.

The Index to Legal Periodicals is now available in an on-line form through the Online Computer Library Center, Inc., based in Dublin, Ohio. The database contains records of articles from more than 900 journals and more than 1,400 monographs; the total number of records exceeds 500,000. The earliest articles date back to 1981.

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Through a statistical analysis of Second Amendment writings based on the Index to Legal Periodicals, Spitzer discovered that from 1912 to 1999 there have been 762 substantive articles in legal journals defending the collective-rights view and 88 supporting the "individualist" view.
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