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After adding the keyboard, one needs to download the dictionaries used for Indic Phonetic keyboard.
--The twenty-ninth consonant of the Indic syllabary representing the phoneme /w/ of Old Javanese is romanised with w or, less frequently, with the v sanctioned by ISO 15919.
Till date no standard database is available for all official Indic scripts.
Destruction and rebuilding of mosques and temples occurred within both Muslim and Indic polities and again constituted a shared idiom of power.
Rajapaksa said the University will revive Buddhist and Indic studies based on the ancient concepts of teaching, self enquiry and traditional knowledge.
Chapter Three on courtship and betrothal introduces lava's alternatives to Indic patriarchal expectations of filial obedience.
I make more money selling thousands of indic records than some major label bands who sell millions of records.
The localization of these "imports" is a long-standing practice characteristic of Southeast Asian elites, who transculturated Indic, and later Sinic, material culture into constituent parts of their own cultural identity.
Prognosis: A tougher sell than Shakespeare in Love--but with the right talent, it could be an indic sleeper hit.
Sir Edward, MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup in Kent, recently served as an unpaid trustee for the brothers' Dharam Hinduja Institute of Indic Research in Cambridge, which carries out work on an ancient Indian sacred text.
The plays are replete with Indic words, some of which are incomprehensible to non-South Indians.
From the outset, Midori's dignified and poised presence indic ated the manner in which the complexity of the music would unfold.