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indica for plants with provenance from India, Southeast Asia, and South Africa.
Fresh leaves of dhrek, Melia azadirach, seeds of hermal, Pegnum harmala, stem of khar booti, Salsola barysoma, leaves of neem, Azadirachta indica and rhizome of ginger, Zingiber officinale were collected from different locations from district Faisalabad and Nankanasahib.
Sativas grow much taller than indica plants and usually take much longer to mature.
Present research was aimed to investigate the effect of antimicrobial finish Azadirachata indica, Butea monosperma and Litchi chinensis on aesthetic properties (stiffness, smoothness appearance) of 100% Silk fabric.
The methanol extract of Fagonia indica (FI- MeOH), methylated hexane extract (HE-Me) and the fractions, HI (hexane insoluble), HS (hexane soluble), and sub-fractions, HS-A-Me, HS-N (vide Experimental), (each 1mg/ml) were taken in sterile 0.
Host plant range of Raoiella indica (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) in areas of invasion of the New World.
A report from MotorOctane stated that the automaker is unlikely to upgrade Indica eV2 and Indigo eCs as the company is producing Kite twins, which will be launched beforehand.
El cadaver 2 parece estar en una situacion similar, a la cual se suma un error: el forense de la PGR indica que es mujer; el embalsamador particular registra que es hombre.
2] Tamarindus indica L is widely used as a traditional medicine in Indonesia and is commonly used to treat gastritis, rheumatism, constipation, and fever.
The experiment was conducted in hydroponic environment with two sets of reciprocal introgression lines derived from the cross of 02428/Minghui63 in japonica 02428 background (02428-ILs) and indica Minghui63 background (MH63-ILs) to evaluate aluminum toxicity tolerance (ATT) at the concentration of 1.
INDICA Campbell is very keen to do things off her own back without relying on her father's influence, but even she couldn't turn down a hometown support slot in front of an arena audience.