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With the local manufacturing facility set up, this marks the beginning of a new journey for Indica in Sri Lanka as we strive to bring the best of products to our consumers" Indica Easy -combines the goodness of five herbal ingredients amla, henna, bhringraj, methi and hibiscus and offers unparalleled convenience, effectiveness and safety.
(9.) Sonia Machado Rocha Ribeiro and Andreas Schieber, Bioactive Compounds in Mango (Mangifera indica L.), Bioactive Foods in Promoting Health: Fruits and Vegetables, 34: 507-523 (2010).
Preliminary observation on the root-knot nematode infecting citrus and Bt-cotton (Khan et al., 2014) revealed resemblance to Meloidogyne indica Whitehead, 1968, first time reported and described on citrus from Delhi, India (Whitehead, 1968).
Antioxidant effect of Azadirachta indica on high fat diet induced diabetic Charles Foster rats.
Present study was aimed to standardize the callus induction and regeneration protocols for the selected indica rice varieties.
Among the tested powders, Azadirachta indica seed powder was found more effective as compared to other treatments, whereas; Calotropisprocera and Citrullus colocynthis were found least effective (Table 2-8).
indica ha estado basado en el uso de productos quimicos, pero su alto costo y la dificultad de aplicacion por la altura de las palmeras ha llevado a buscar alternativas ecologicamente sustentables.
Tata Motors Limited (NYSE: TTM), an India-based automaker, is planning to withdraw the Indica and Indigo.
Aesculus indica is used in traditional medicine for various health problems, including rheumatic pain.
indica holding nomenclatural legitimacy, their taxonomic acceptance remains a subjective decision, and depends on one's species concept.