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As a result of our requiring that indicators of effect be included in empirical research submitted to the journal, we are offering the following recommendations:
Two process variables, such as melt temperature and pressure, can be shown on digital display indicators.
The CFO Portal solution integrates complete business processes, enabling customers to view top-line strategic indicators and then drill into the transactional system to take action.
The occupational health indicators were developed, with support from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), by the workgroup, which included representatives of state labor and health agencies, CSTE, and NIOSH.
The GRI has proposed a set of voluntary, non-financial reporting guidelines encompassing more than 90 indicators of environmental, social and economic performance and being tested by over 100 companies worldwide.
Copies of Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 2001 may be obtained by calling the BJS Clearinghouse at 800-732-3277 or by accessing the BJS Web site at http://www.
Simply put, documenting that these four indicators of quality are present is not enough to stamp the word "quality" on a program that uses technology to enhance its curricula in higher education.
Although communities have long used indicators to measure their wellbeing, Besleme and Mullin (1997:47) contend that the new indicator movement relies on indicators that ".
They attend in-service seminars to learn to identify the behavioral indicators of child abuse.
Because IRS has determined, through experience, that this is an area of significant abuse and fraud, and because the government is not required by law to issue debt indicators, the Service is tying practitioner desire for debt indicators to more extensive reporting requirements for RAL returns than would otherwise be the case.
Even with the experience I have fishing indicators, I often wonder if the indicator is reacting properly and the the fly is on bottom or if the leader is too short to allow the fly to reach bottom.
In 1993, former Secretary of Education William Bennett produced a study called the Index of Leading Cultural Indicators, to chart the social decline that has taken place--divorce, crime, media addiction--even as the economy has grown.