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INDICTION, computation of time. An indiction contained a space of fifteen years.
     2. It was used in dating at Rome and in England. It began at the dismission of the Nicene council, A. D. 312. The first year was reckoned the first of the first indiction, the second, the third, &c., till fifteen years afterwards. The sixteenth year was the first year of the second indiction, the thirty-first year was the first year of the third indiction, &c.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Selene died on--June in the sixth consular or postconsular year of Valentinian III (no indiction given) = year 445/6.
reveals not even the slightest indiction that the Trustee was sued in his personal capacity.
In Gothia it was AM 6980; but prince Alexander, like most Byzantines, probably preferred Indiction 5 in a once-fiscal fifteen-year cycle.
It is signed (digitally) by tht trusted third party as an indiction of its trust-worthiness.
If membership is any indiction, these efforts were successful, for the slide in membership slowed even in the face of a dramatic dues increase in 1983.
The symbolism of the Holy Door is best expressed by the Pope himself, in the Bull of Indiction of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, issued on the First Sunday of Advent, 1998.
The man who was one of the major players in launching the new Scottish Premier League believes the tie-in with big business is an early indiction of its success.
The recent wave of growing narrow nationalism is a clear indiction of restlessness and sense of deprivation prevailing among smaller provinces.
The prologue tells us that John asked his friend, Sophronios, now confidently identified by scholars with the Patriarch of Jerusalem from 634 until his death,(2) to take his mortal remains back to the Holy Land, and to bury them on Mount Sinai, or if barbarian unrest prevented that, at the monastery of St Theodosius, where he had begun his monastic life, and that Sophronios carried out his friend's last wishes, arriving at Ascalon with the relics at the beginning of the eighth indiction, i.e.
(9) He created two new taxes, the collatio lustralis and the collatio glebalis, seems to have transferred local custom fees and vectigalia from city to imperial finances, and to have increased the rate of indiction: see A.
Finally, the personalities of the likely candidates for succession, with the two leading candidates being Jiang Zemin, the putative successor, and Qiad Shi, a shadowy figure with ties to internal security affairs, do not give much indiction of the chance of any major new initiatives after Deng Xiaoping's death.