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INDICTOR. He who causes another to be indicted. The latter is sometimes called the indictee.

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It is comparatively with the similar indictor of Venezuela.
The Egyptian stock market suffered serious and painful blows from foreign traders who sold leading stocks extensively, putting the market out of balance, with the main stock market indictor plummeting 2.
The Sultanate also came 18th at the world level in registering property indicator, 73rd in starting business indictor, 59th in getting building permits, 83rd in getting credit indicators, 10th in tax payment indicator, 100th in investor protection indicator, 49th in trade across border indicator and 77th in resolving insolvency indicator.
During 1993 Nyr Indictor published the short-lived N is for Newsletter, a journal devoted to "alphabets, alphabet books, and alphabet memorabilia for alphabet lovers.
Inflation Indictor Result Source Consumer Price Index Up 0.
Quality indictor checklists help organizations make care-related decisions for common chronic conditions, such as congestive heart failure, pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Can't the rules be made use of to improve this slum which is a living indictor of the decaying urban scenario in India?
In contrast, after adjusting for ozone, higher nitrogen dioxide exposures consistently associated with the lower success rate, regardless of which indictor was used -- positive pregnancy test, clinically confirmed intrauterine pregnancy or live birth.
After a fall of 30-40 per cent [depending on the indictor chosen], the first signs of stabilisation in Dubai's real-estate sector have appeared, taking observers by surprise since further declines were expected.
This agreement is a first step that could lay the necessary ground to build a genuine peace process," said Ahmed Hussein Adam, adding "but the real indictor of the government seriousness remains the implementation of this deal".
At the signing ceremony, Mahdi Mostafavi announced that presence of one hundred Iranian students in Hungary is an indictor of close ties existing between the two countries.
Overall, jury members noted that the coffees presented for cupping this year were an indictor of the breadth of quality that is available from Nicaragua.