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INDICTOR. He who causes another to be indicted. The latter is sometimes called the indictee.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It can be seen from the statistical results of correlation coefficient that the correlation between sLPM(0), sCAI(0), sHPBI(0), sHPEI(0), and the investor sentiment indictor index SENT_PLS is the highest.
Other Emiratis had abnormally high variation in the volume of their red blood cells, which can often be a indictor of anaemia, a disorder of the blood caused by low counts of red blood cells or hemoglobin.
That still leaves the fact that the lion's share of the current boardroom decision makers are male - so if this is an indictor of the wider business landscape, we need more men to start championing the next generation of women too.
"This site, of course, has great historic significance economically but it's important that it now plays a major part in our future, and this is a good early indictor that it will."
It is comparatively with the similar indictor of Venezuela.
The Egyptian stock market suffered serious and painful blows from foreign traders who sold leading stocks extensively, putting the market out of balance, with the main stock market indictor plummeting 2.01% and closing at 5495, with losses in stocks amounting to EGP 4.5 billion (USD 674 million).
The Sultanate also came 18th at the world level in registering property indicator, 73rd in starting business indictor, 59th in getting building permits, 83rd in getting credit indicators, 10th in tax payment indicator, 100th in investor protection indicator, 49th in trade across border indicator and 77th in resolving insolvency indicator.
During 1993 Nyr Indictor published the short-lived N is for Newsletter, a journal devoted to "alphabets, alphabet books, and alphabet memorabilia for alphabet lovers." The September issue contained the following challenge: "Create an alphabet of antonyms, that is, pairs of words that begin with the same letter that are in some way opposites, like aerobic and anaerobic, author and authoress, or ask and answer.
Inflation Indictor Result Source Consumer Price Index Up 0.5 percent in Bureau of March.
It features low power, high sensitivity (-100 dBm at 250 kbps, -92 dBm at 2 Mbps), data rates from 250 kbps up to 2 Mbps, and integrates a digital RSSI (received signal strength indictor), realtime-clock (RTC) and programmable clock output, a Gaussian filter, PIX (phase locked loop) and loop filter.
Quality indictor checklists help organizations make care-related decisions for common chronic conditions, such as congestive heart failure, pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Can't the rules be made use of to improve this slum which is a living indictor of the decaying urban scenario in India?