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Although Yoo does not spell it out explicitly in The Powers of War and Peace, his presidential foreign affairs powers argument implies an indirect argument for limiting the President's domestic powers.
This indirect argument for limiting domestic presidential powers is found in The Powers of War and Peace's short and likely to be overlooked conclusion that deals with President Franklin Roosevelt's "court packing" plan that led to the "switch in time that saved nine.
Though the indirect argument that I give for M turns an the fact that it avoids most of the classical limitative theorems, the Lowenheim-Skolem theorem is not one of these.
6) This certainly weakens the case for M, though it does not destroy it entirely, since the indirect argument, which I take to be weighty (IAC, p.
He suggests it is simpler to assume the applicative verb in such cases cross-references the indirect argument (which is then deleted under identity with the possessor).