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A sum total of the administrative or executive costs that relate to the management, conduct, or supervision of a business that are not attributable to any one particular product or department.

Expenses such as rent, taxes, insurance, lighting, heating, and other miscellaneous office expenses all fall under the category of overhead.


noun budget, business expenses, charges, cost, cost incurred, cost of living, current expenses, drain on resources, expenditures, expense, gennral expenses, liabilities, living expenses, money expended, operating expenses, outlay, payments, spendings, upkeep
Associated concepts: overhead expenses
See also: cost, expense, maintenance, upkeep
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Recently published studies challenge the arguments made in defense of the Trump administration's cut to indirect cost recovery.
Administration) that indirect cost rates reimbursed in federal-aid contracts comply with
It seems that additional resources, especially when used for training and development purposes would be related with more indirect cost measurement of services.
2013-231, the Fifth Circuit affirmed the Tax Court's decision that a custom homebuilder was a producer subject to the UNICAP rules and was required to capitalize officers' compensation and other costs as indirect costs incurred related to production activities.
Indirect cost of care of low back pain Annual cost (naira) n Mean SD Transportation Respondent 40 17772 13526.
The accounting system should include a timekeeping system that identifies employees' labor indirect costs and/or direct costs to a particular contract.
The government bought the indirect cost property at issue, when it reimbursed our "Three Musketeers" contractors through the payment of their individual indirect costs properly allocated and allowable under the contractors' federal government contracts.
The statistical enhancement proved important in reducing residual confounding in the model on which the indirect cost estimates were based, and illustrates how simple choices, such as the variable form (e.
Joint cost is another form of indirect cost that relates to the cost of an input resource that is used to make a number of products.
B) Use your answer to part A to determine the total annual indirect cost assigned to:
The OMB removed a provision from the A-133 proposal that explained the auditor's responsibility for testing and reporting on the allowability of costs charged to cost pools used in formulating indirect cost rate proposals and cost allocation plans.
Researchers typically give only passing consideration to indirect cost recovery through the grant process.