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When implemented as direct governmental regulation of individual lifestyles, such instruments lead to conflicts with individual freedom as a core value of liberal societies (Schramme 2011).
She is a strong leader who supports our constitutional civil rights - especially the first 10 amendments, which serve to limit the overreach of big government and protect our individual freedoms.
The focus here is on how discourses of individual freedom and social constraint function as disciplinary forms that govern sociality, intimacy and 'love' for particular ends.
Ringen then turns to the meaning of individual freedom which turns out to be well-being, "the living of good lives.
Perhaps it's time to remember how much we like to see ourselves as believing in individual freedom, and learn to live together - whatever clothes we choose to wear.
Yes, our individual freedom is extremely important, but it ends where our neighbor's begins.
If p is some belief supportive of liberal democratic theory, then it initially appears that the part of liberal democratic theory that endorses individual freedom would be undermined since the religious person would be denied the freedom to promote (and perhaps establish) p on the basis of religious belief alone.
This has nothing to do with individual freedom for women.
Increasingly, types of space that were traditionally parts of the public realm--markets, streets, squares, places of congregation and worship--are becoming private territories, ruled arbitrarily by private corporations with their own rules which, while not absolutely in contradiction to common law, erode individual freedom and enforce the rule of mediocrity.
The first Installment (shot in 35 mm black and white) begins the series' exploration of the ambiguous position of intellectuals in contemporary China--their longing for individual freedom in the shifting context of an emerging capitalist economy.
It promotes specialization and individual freedom as key elements in successful churches.
Globalization not only increases individual freedom, but also revitalizes cultures and cultural artifacts through foreign influences, technologies, and markets.

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