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When implemented as direct governmental regulation of individual lifestyles, such instruments lead to conflicts with individual freedom as a core value of liberal societies (Schramme 2011).
She is a strong leader who supports our constitutional civil rights - especially the first 10 amendments, which serve to limit the overreach of big government and protect our individual freedoms. It is important to listen and learn from other leaders to build future success in Oregon.
There emerged new nation-states that were still inhabited by a majority that was hardly prepared for the experiments of democracy, free market, individual freedom and rule of law.
By placing yourselves as the moral minority you are in danger of being outmaneuvered in the name of individual freedom by the very same political correctness that you so fear.
Contrasting the genealogical determination of 'Aboriginality' within the nation state with the discourse of individual freedom associated with the radical faeries, in the absence of legal recognition without!
Ringen identifies himself as a methodological individualist because he sees democracy as a tool to achieve individual freedom as he understands it.
State infringements on individual rights, he argued, posed a far smaller danger to liberty than expanded federal power.) Meanwhile, some cultural libertarians are concerned about constraints on individual freedom from government as well as from traditionalist familial, religious, and community institutions--the same civil institutions that conservatives see as necessary for ordered liberty to thrive.
Perhaps it's time to remember how much we like to see ourselves as believing in individual freedom, and learn to live together - whatever clothes we choose to wear.
Yes, our individual freedom is extremely important, but it ends where our neighbor's begins.
The benefits of a networked information economy Benkler explores in Part Two include individual freedom, political freedom, cultural freedom, and global justice and development.
It has, for instance, allowed for the development of the concept of individual freedom. It also uniquely allowed for the development of science and commerce, and through these made possible the comfortable, advanced lifestyle enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people throughout the world today.

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