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PLAN. The delineation or design of a city, a house or houses, a garden, a vessel, &c. traced on paper or other substance, representing the position, and the relative proportions of the different parts.
     2. When houses are built by one person agreeably to a plan, and one of them is Sold to a person, with windows and doors in it, the owner of the others cannot shut up those windows, nor has his grantee any greater right. 1 Price, R. 27; 2 Ry. & Mo. 24; 1 Lev. 122; 2 Saund. 114, n. 4 1 M. & M. 396; 9 Bing 305; 1 Leigh's N. P. 559. See 12 Mass: 159; Hamm. N. P. 202; 2 Hill. Ab. c. 12, n. 6 to 12; Com. Dig. Action on the case for a nuisance, A. See Ancients Lights; Windows.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(3) Case management is an active, ongoing process that involves:(i) Assisting parents of eligible children in gaining access to the early intervention services and other services identified in the individualized family service plan; (ii) Coordinating the provision of early intervention services and other services (such as medical services for other than diagnostic and evaluating purposes) that the child needs or is being provided; (iii) Facilitating the timely delivery of available services; and (iv) Continuously seeking the appropriate services and situations necessary to benefit the development of each child being served for the duration of the child's eligibility.
The focus on inclusion of the family and other team members to also support ECC skill development was emphasized throughout and was a strength of the book along with how to integrate the ECC into Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSPs), Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), and Individualized Transition Plans (ITPs).
The third example is a state that implemented a process for ensuring quality Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSPs) and family centered services.
Individualized family service plans (IFSPs) should reflect the concerns and priorities of the families for which the plan is written.
As members of interdisciplinary teams, social workers identify needs, design interventions, develop individualized family service plans (IFSPs), and conduct research to constantly improve interventions.
Hence, individualized family service plans (IFSP) must now include the provision of technologies appropriate to meet the needs of young children and families.
The purpose of this study was to determine in what ways the quality of individualized family service plans (IFSPs) would be affected by adding written prompts to an IFSP form and instruction manual.

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