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INDIVISIBLE. That which cannot be separated.
     2. It is important to ascertain when a consideration or a contract, is or is not indivisible. When a consideration is entire and indivisible, and it is against law, the contract is void in toto. 11 Verm. 592; 2 W. & S. 235. When the consideration is divisible, and part of it is illegal, the contract is void only pro tanto.
     3.-To ascertain whether a contract is divisible or indivisible, id to ascertain whether it may or may not be enforced, in part, or paid in part, without the consent of the other party. See 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 694, and articles Divisible; Entire.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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At a news conference Tuesday, where the fundraising effort was announced, city officials said they would bill Indivisible Aurora about $28,000 for items such as police overtime pay, street barricades, crowd-control barricades, trash pickup and fire and paramedic services.
Indivisible Tohono has nine core members, all but two of whom are tribal members.
Chris Wig, chair of the Democratic Party of Lane County, read "A Message from Charlottes ville," from the head of Indivisible Charlotte.
However, California's law has innovative provisions not found in any of the existing state laws--primarily a mechanism for crowdfunding worker cooperatives and the provision for indivisible reserves.
La fete de la Marche verte est une fete nationale qui revete un interet particulier et du Roi et de la nation Marocaine surtout que le Hassani, officialise egalement dans l'article 5 de la constitution de 2011, est une composante essentielle du patrimoine national et disons de l'identite Marocaine qui doit rester une et indivisible. Si le [beaucoup moins que]Jebli[beaucoup plus grand que] et le Rifain, le Sahraoui et le Soussi sont egaux dans les yeux de S.M le Roi, c'est aussi un appel clair a un traitement democratique de toutes les composantes du peuple Marocain, loin du fanatisme tribal, qui fausse les principes d'egalite entre les citoyens d'un meme peuple et ainsi retarde cette appartenance identitaire de tous les Marocains a une meme nation nonobstant sa diversite.
Indivisible is thus a powerful rejoinder to scholars, such as Peter Kulchyski, who insist Indigenous and human rights doctrine must be distinguished.
The early common law held joint tortfeasors jointly and severally liable for any indivisible injury their joint negligence caused a plaintiff to suffer.
Currently flat owners don't have absolute right to indivisible land
"We are not far from achieving these aspirations which are based on a message: the country is an indivisible territory, the leadership is an indivisible team and the people is one indivisible whole," Tamim said as he gave his presentation.
But Dr Tutu, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, said: "Leadership and morality are indivisible."
Summary: Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt said over the weekend that freedom is indivisible, whether in Syria or Palestine.