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The organic compound indol is one of two compounds found in stool that is responsible for odor in human feces.
Melatonin sentezinde baslangic maddesi, plazmadan alinan ve bir indol aminoasit olan "triptofan" dir.
Because of this unusual phenotype, the standard identification procedure (Gram staining, oxidase, indol, methyl red, citrate, and Vogues-Proskauer) (6) was confirmed by partial sequencing of the ribosomal 16S rRNA gene (data not shown) (7).
coli identification, positive tubes of BGLB were streaked onto eosin methylene blue (EMB) agar, two to three colonies per sample were tested for indol production in tryptose broth and for lactose fermentation in lactose broth (both after incubation at 44[+ or -] 0.
Indol, a harmless metabolic product of bacteria, was also found in three of the tested shrimp products.
They include organic acids (acetic, benzoic, cinnamic and phenylacetic); alcohols (benzyl alcohol, borneol, cinnamyl alcohol, citronellol, geraniol, linalool, menthol, phenylethyl alcohol and terpineol); aldehydes (anisic aldehyde, cinnamic aldehyde, benzaldehyde, citral, piperonal or heliotropin, salicylic aldehyde and vanillin); ketones (carvones, camphor, thujone, pulegone, etc; esters such as bornyl acetate, methyl salicylate, benzyl benzoate, geranyl acetate and linalyl acetate); phenols (thymol, carvacrol and chavicol); phenol ethers (anethol, eugenol and safrol) and many other more complex compounds such as coumarin and indol.
For better or worse, we have some experience in Africa, and find it a bit easier than some really high-tech companies might," said Andre Parker, head of SAB's Indol subsidiary that runs the African investments.
The company behind the bid is believed to be South African Breweries parent company INDOL, which is currently building a similar plant in Tanzania's lakeside town of Mwanza on the southern shore of Lake Victoria.